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    AlAnoud AlAmeri says:

    "M7mmd !

    Simply *
    I like UR temperament N photography ,
    + ur edit mashalla wow ! ;')
    u r one from the best 4 me ..
    all the best (F)"

    September 25th, 2010

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    {AUi} says:

    "you are one of my Favorites!"

    September 4th, 2010

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    CancerF ♥ says:

    "Madness, or M7amed or whatever they call u !

    You're one of a kind! ur unbelievable! Ur Hilarious!
    Mashallaah 3laaaik M7mdd!! u little talented kid!
    Firstly, ur photography is shay ana a3shgah
    wallah u have an interesting stream that i actually can't resist!
    I really really love ur taste in editing and in capturing
    9j i'm proud of u, everything u do makes me proud o

    and recently i found out that ur not just a great photographer
    yes yes people, m7md is a young director and soon will be a little robert de niro LOL !
    wallah everything is possible when it comes to m7md
    walla enik 3ajeeeb :P

    and b3d , ur a very loyal friend and u do much to ur friends to cheer them up
    and yeaaah yal birthday planner entaa ;) !!
    ur always there when ur friends need u
    allah y5leek lhlk

    Best wishes Moe

    June 19th, 2010

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    нαмαиi pнσтogяαpнy مع السلامه says:

    "Mohamed he is a person and a man and a wonderful friend and I am a fan picture is my favorite and all that was admitted to the personal page I see pictures like it much, so I say in my mind that this man is the challenge of portraying Hha I joked already said he deserves a lot to all see the image of the photographed learn him many things and new favorite You, o Muhammad You are the excellent You are wonderful You are the best forward, my friend"

    April 9th, 2010

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    `Pretty Young Thing. says:

    "`Madness ! shagoool about you =P wallah your one of a kind ! your one hilarious little kid ;P! wallah talking to you is soooo much fun !! your photography is AWESOME =D !! a7b kel shai fe ur photography, and your EDIT =O ! 3athaabnesss !
    Mashallah 3leek. M7amed, your one special person :D please keep that in mind :)
    Yours, PYT. ♥"

    April 5th, 2010

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    K♥M FOREVER ' says:

    "` Madness ♥ K ;

    firstly ; testimonial , لو أكتب لك مب بس
    لو أكتب لك كل الكلام اللي في الدنيا مابيكفي فيك .. !!

    ثاني شي : أنت .. فناان بكل معنى الكلمة والكل يشهد على كلامي ..!!

    ربي يوفقك وين ماكنت ويحررسك , وصدقني كللك .. ذووق في كل صورة تنزلها وكل كلمة تكتبها

    P.S ; تـدخـل الـسـاحـه وتـجـبـرهـم يـنـادونـك حـضـرة .. الـقـايـد !!

    By ; `Kollo ♥ M

    2 - April - 2O1O"

    April 2nd, 2010

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    `Enchanted says:

    "One of the best here in flickr :D artist."

    March 17th, 2010

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    Saladfingers, says:

    "YEAH ! FIRST TESTI !!!!
    im just gonna copy the old one :p

    7amoooood !!!
    yal mafhy !!! =D
    stop smiling shwai !
    anyways ...
    YEAH ! wallah ur like my little brother wallah yal 5ays ! xD
    9ij ent MAL'3 !!!!!! wo etogf 3ndi fel bl3ooom !!!! :@ !!!
    bas wallah me loves you !!
    ur such a nice guy kla 3la nyatk =)
    AND BTW !! 7amoood tara our blackberries are MARRIED !! @_@
    I KNOW I KNOW ! my jwahr is married to 9agr LOOOOOL
    el mohm mn ur blackberry el floos wo mn my darling el small memory cards :p LOOOOOOOL
    anyways ..
    Be cool, stay in school @_@
    eeeee btw abt ur photography !
    i love it !
    wo to the top inshallah !
    umm a9lan u r at the top :/ bas it wont hurt if u go higher =D
    yaaaaaah bas 3ad wayd md7tk yal 5ays !
    yalla injli3 !!!! :@

    and yeah WE MAKE ONE HELLUVA TEAM ;)"

    March 17th, 2010

Mohammed AlMalek
March 2010
I am:
Male and Taken