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Me: 54 y.o. (September 5th Birthday)
Married to Brenda, 16 years.
One daughter JoAnna, 8 y.o., who we adopted from Guatemala.
Four cats - Shadow, Furbie, Boo Boo, and Lexi

Have keen interest in WWII and military hardware of any kind.
I have taken up photography again after a ten year hiatus and after discovering Flickr.
I own a Canon EOS 40D DSLR, a Canon AE-1 Program SLR, and several older point and shoot digital cameras.

My political views are basically Republican: low taxes, pro-growth, strong military, pro-Second Amendment. The Federal government should stay out of the way of the People and concentrate on those things the People cannot do on their own.

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  • Merry Christmas To All by ~ CarLee Photography ~
  • Apophysis #1 by Jon Downs
  • bugle beads kaleidoscope by Jon Downs
  • banana skin by Jon Downs
  • abstract #5 kaleidoscope by Jon Downs
  • plastic by Jon Downs
  • .... and black to the bridge by Jon Downs
  • Happy New Year #1 by Shadyezz

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    Lucy Nieto says:

    "¡El trabajo de Lyle con kaleidoscopios es maravilloso!. Tiene un gran sentido estético del color, la simetría, las texturas y las formas. Con mucha frecuencia me sorprende la elegancia y el movimiento tan dinámico y vibrante que logra imprimir a sus kaleidoscopios. Me encanta todo su trabajo , pero estos son algunos de mis favoritos:
    Down in Mexico, Tequila!, Grandma's Quilt , Rotunda, Pure K #1, KFC48-3, KFC42-2, Straw Medallion, KFC37-2, KFC38-1, The Gleam in Tweety's Eye, KFC31-1, KOC26-2, If Tim Burton Liked Kaleidoscopes..., KFC8-1, KFC24-3, The Tile Garden, Sorry, All Out of Clever Titles Today, Tye-Dye K-scope, The Rose Window, 888dps-01, Mayan Gold, Antigua, Mayan Crystal, RATE MY kaleidoscope PHOTO Challenge #27 Entry #1
    The work of Lyle with kaleidoscopes is wonderful. He has a great aesthetic sense of the color, the symmetry, the textures and the forms. Very frequently he surprises me with the elegance and the dynamic and vibrant movement that he imprint to his kaleidoscopes. All his work enchants to me, but these are some of my favorites:
    (My english is bad... ;)"

    March 21st, 2009

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    vidular says:

    "Lyle is a very creative photographer and an image wizard! His work with fractals and kaleidoscopes are among the best I have seen. A very good Flickr member participating in this community, Lyle's comments are much appreciated and often helpful. I highly recommend you browse through his photostream and see for yourself the creativity he brings to Flickr."

    July 6th, 2008

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    (The) Appleman says:

    "In the relative short time that I have known Lyle, he has blossomed into an accomplished and highly creative photographer. His works as well as his intrinsic values as a person have inspired me (and hopefully others).

    I look forward to seeing much more of Lyle's entertaining, informative and very creative artwork."

    June 22nd, 2008

July 2007
USA (Illinois)
I am:
Male and Taken
CAD Designer
Lyle Hatch Photography & Digital Art