At Flickr we present more than 15.000 of 150.000+ andorran photos online! It is the big professional image catalog of Andorra from the newer history: all regions, all cities and villages, all times, all seasons, all weather(s), many themes & categories. They can be synced with large databases for on-the-fly results local and online. Well, even here at Flickr you can test, just keep in mind that Flickr is limited (...and a little buggy). Note: Advanced features need programming at a server / webserver.


If interested...

... in one or more photos, please snap the URL's from your browser window and send an email to lutz(at)lutz-meyer.com. Starts like www.flickr.com/photos/lutzmeyer/ .... Add the number (or complete URL) via copy/paste. I will tell you the cost.



Well, it depends... There is a dramatic difference between "old style collections" (usually collected in folders) and an order "by query". Individual orders are often not cheap. Query orders are, although they are careful edited. These are called "stock-photos", which means: already done, ready to use. Most major image agencies working that way. We deliver everything about Andorra, nevertheless without extensive commerce.


Selections "by query" are comfortable as our organisation scheme is quite consistent. This will be a great help also for your own workflow. Everything will be much faster and getting more and more logic after a while. Licence cost of query-selections start with just some EUR/image! Check it here with a Flickr search. Even as Flickr is limited you'll see what you get approximately. Don't forget my user name "Lutz Meyer" inside the search-phrase. For an individual selection let me know your motives, size and amount.


We consequently use metadata - but we don't trust automatic results. So we installed a permanent verification including manual control to eliminate incoming errors via EXIF. (Exif is a photography interface for automated "Time" or "GPS" stamps)


Our database allows advanced organising, distribution, promotion "on the fly". It offers targeted print for pdf's or paper sendout, email, blog & web-uploads within seconds from your contact management database.


Unrivalled is the GEO-relation feature of our workflow based on normal GPS dates plus measurement tracking of the complete camera-system. We track these pairs since more than 10 years. Actual we got a stock of 200.000+ images with its relation to the 199.999+ others. Means: We reach and specify any stored historic photo location with their local points of interest, street names or addresses that can be seen on a picture, as we specify the relation between actual location and its target(s).


Via data interface this might be used for an automated image-flow in an editors office. Another example: Travelling Andorra with a dynamic Andorra smartphone travel-app and access to images of the last 10 years from your actual position - and targets that are photographed from this location.


Beside this unbeatable feature your workflow will make a dramatic efficiency jump when using "masses of images" instead of writing "masses of words". Let pictures speak! A picture is worth a 1000 words! .... remember this proven marketing rule! Even a text-translation is often not neccessary, as an image basicly "speaks international" and our images often follow an imaginary story. Means: You will find many theme-related images in our stock. Or region-related, time-related, event-related, or .... With your "order by query" you'll get all informations how to do it concrete.



BIG images! Surprising effects with our "large format prints" (LFP) based on highest resolution. I don't talk about megapixel quantity of the camera! You get endless "megapixels" with any modern camera for a bargain. Even smartphones playing this concert. But no professional will use these images, except actuality, as these cheap-made images must be quality-checked and post-pro-edited as well.


Quality of sensor and its size of each pixel matter, not the quantity. Thats why we use "Medium format" beside our workhorse "Full Frame format" FF cams 36x24mm, which is top end size of Canon/Nikon range. A Medium format MF sensor is about double size compared to FF. So each camera pixel gets more colour and "more punch" uncompressed for large output formats. This can be a wall- or house-filling print format, or prints on exclusive materials. We take care for maximum quality on output and MF offers headroom to do it. Also for size reductions, scene zooms, or for a movie simulation.


That's why we record each task and each scene with reasonable recording formats, best clean prime lenses (no zoom), plus color stable lighting settings (Profoto/Chimera).



You are photographer, planning an Andorra tour and wish to get support? Tell me what you need, you'll get conditions (whether menpower or equipment). The basic secret of a "winner shot" outdoor is simple: Local knowledge! Right place - right time. Ask Lutz: lutz(at)lutz-meyer.com




150.000+ HighRes/HighColor geo-coded photos from the north of spain. The professional collection for professionals. Ask for licenses, email : lutz(at)lutz-meyer.com


(c) Lutz Meyer, all rights reserved. Do not use my photo without license.

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Interessanter Foto-Stream, der Spass macht anzusehen, Interesting photo stream that is fun to watch

April 26, 2019

Impresionante reportaje de todo el pais andorrano! Felicidades! Un saludo y felices fiestas!

December 22, 2010