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I am like the moon, always with some sadness there, but surely also shining very bright at moments. Wanting to enlighten my life and from the others. Sometimes wandering in shadows and clouds. Sometimes passionately red, sometimes cool blue. Never in the center, turning around the earth, receiving from the sun. Keeping at a distance, but never drifting away.

About my photography:
I mean to capture the moment, the beauty, the emotion that I see around me, and I try to enhance the effect it had on my retina by using Photoshop. I’m thrilled by places where I can fantasize away, forests, old castles, islands or places near the ocean, mountains, snowscapes, anything that makes me escape and send me on journey away from reality for a brief time.
I always strive for harmony, maybe as a compensation for my own chaotic mind.

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    lean wing says:

    "a very inspiring person on pictures. I love her work.
    Luna always is great with her work. Putting expression and emotion in every picture."

    October 6th, 2007

August 2007
I am:
Female and Taken