My name is Luis Ricardo, I am a Mexican cartoonist. I love drawing on every possible surface, including my own skin, bus tickets and proper paper. Since I became father I have been trying out some of my daughters' crayons and art materials, with HUGE success.



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Luis Ricardo studied filmmaking at the National University in Mexico.


If someone speaks spanish, this is his blog. If not, welcome to the show.



Damas y caballeros, ustedes disculparán el uso del inglés y de la tercera persona, pero uno tiene anhelos. También tiene amigos en otros lares, pero sobre todo anhelos.

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  • JoinedJune 2005
  • OccupationFull time killer artist
  • HometownPuebla
  • Current cityI'm standing right behind you
  • CountryMexico
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Buenísimo y fino su humor... me encanta la forma de intervenir imágenes y resignificarlas.. wow.. la neta muy bueno...¡ saludos

January 18, 2008
*NINO* says:

Luis Ricardo creates the fantastic characters and situations filled with humor:) Mrs.HippoHappy

January 15, 2008
simulakra says:

He has the weirdest dreams. His blog is cool, I've read it for over 3 years now. If I could fly to Puebla this weekend I would buy him coffee in exchange for one original Luis Ricardo doodle on my napkin. Then I'd laminate the napkin for keepers.

August 17, 2007