I've always been one to want to understand what makes things tick, to break concepts down to their bare components and build them back up to figure out how they work. So when I bought my first camera, a point and shoot Pentax Optio SV, I soon became frustrated with it not having a fully manual mode. This frustration lead me to my first SLR a Canon 350D and the deconstruction process begun.

I consumed countless photography magazines and books, cast my eye over thousands of images in each one seeing shutter speeds and f/stop numbers instead of the image in front of me. I started seeing the world with a different set of eyes, looking up when others looked down, squinting when others were broad eyed and with an exposure triangle obscuring my vision. Somewhere along the line I realised that getting the technical aspects correct is only part of the picture, so much more is portraying what you see, whether that be "technically" correct or not.

With the technology these days and a little creative flair it is easy to take a pleasing picture, to get a great picture takes something else, it requires putting something on the line. This is what the renowned photographers of our time have in common, whether it be waking up in the freezing pre dawn to wait for a sunrise that may or may not be; dodging bullets as a soldier screams stay back; crawling through the undergrowth as a hungry predator seeks its next meal or diving out of the way in the nick of time as an athlete whizzes past.
It is with this in mind that at the beginning of 2013 I decided to give in to the hunger of making images and quit my job in Stockholm, Sweden to combine my passions of photography and travel with my love of windsurfing and adventure.

Through my photography I would like to inspire others to step out of their comfort zone, into a world undiscovered; to try a new adventure; visit a country on a travel advisory list or even just to look at the mushrooms instead of the trees. Who knows you may find yourself in a position to get a great picture.

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Mark Harpur
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