Hey i am Imran Khan :) & i am from Sialkot, Pakistan but right now i am working in Kuwait. I am also running a blog which is pakpics.wordpress.com through which i am sharing Pakistani beauty with others.

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    genious Junaid says:

    ""There are a few accounts here on Flickr that I visit every time I log in and this is one of them. Imran Khan is a perfect "master" of his camera and you can see it easily in his photography: impecable, with a plus, an artistic and subtle touch. He has surprised every one with master pieces every time he uploads those. I know him since his childhood but his master qulaities were hidden from everyone. His creations are mind blowing and he has bundles of ideas in his mind. He is a true artist of this era and i am learning a lot from him.

    He has many qualities like he is a very intelligent person, a very good singer, an extra ordinary photographer and a brilliant creation master.......means he is master of all these trades. I have always been a fan of this super confident dude!

    Thanks Jog for being there.............Junaid""

    18th October, 2009

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    Naveed Mughal says:

    "He is not only just my friend but an elder brother to me....I have learnt a lot from him and he is an ideal photographer and designer. His work is extra ordinary and his every picture has different stories to tell. I wish him all the very best for his future and I pray to Allah that he gets all the blessings of Allah in his life and countless happiness.

    He is my inspiration and i am still learning from him......

    Thanks Imran for being my friend.........May Allah our friendship lasts forever....ameen"

    23rd September, 2009

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    ~ Adil ~ <OFF> says:

    "Imran...one of the finest photo manipulaters you will ever see. His work is totally out class and the best thing I like about his work is that he takes care of the finest details. His colour combinations and compositions are terrific. I really enjoy viewing his work everytime I visit his photostream. I wish him all the best for his future."

    9th September, 2009

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    bluewinx15(BACK) says:

    ""I can't wait to start this first testimonial for imran"
    Imran's work is always beautiful and inspiring.
    very talented and kind person with so much potential and talente; Elegant, Beautiful(wow), Polite, Deep, , Lovable,Confident, Soft yet Strong and i'm proud to call him my friend, ...!
    "your photos are so so beautiful. i never get bored of looking at the pictures in your photostream again & again
    i am proud that you are part of my Flickr world.
    what can i write a bout him there aren't words to describe him .
    keep sharing beautiful images with us!!!"I think imran is a really talented guy. The quality of his pictures is just so wonderful ...!!!
    Keep up the good work!""

    13th August, 2009

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    Noor Mohammad. says:

    "Pakistani man who gives you the picture is not just a static image
    but it is a word for feelings and emotions should feel it
    he is a creative photographer and has an amazing photo
    Through his comments i feel that he is friendly
    Through his photos .. I saw him a lot of friends Masha'Allah
    His personality seems to be loved by all
    I wish you All the best & keep going my brother .. .. May God bless you"

    10th July, 2009

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    Gumsum says:

    "A sweet person with nice smile & lovely wordz....hiw work is awesome and the way he is promoting Pakistan is worth praising. He is a hardworking, devoted, passionate and a true patriot. I always like his creations and captions. His work shows how thoughtful he is. May Allah bless you my friend.
    Cheers from UK"

    1st September, 2008

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    umar36 says:

    "In a dark night, all of God's creations seek light, less one,.... the "Fire Fly" ... in Urdu called the "Jugnoo" ... indigenous, self made creative and always original!,.... shining and leading the way!
    Jugnoo just popped up on my photostream one fine morning, commented,....and made my day....and from then , he does that everyday! :)
    Always cheerful, always encouraging, always supporting and always a inspiration!....and i love his "Mithahi" !!
    ...... so Imran, always remain Jugnoo!,... shinning and leading!"

    26th August, 2008

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    Xploiтєя ™ says:

    "Imran is definitely one of the sweetest & friendliest person i've came to know here in flickr! I'm always amazed with his artworks & he simply left me with a big question mark as to how he did it & did it sooooooo well!!! Every creation from this wonderful guy speaks a thousand words. Even without his having to describe it, i will know the message he is trying to convey across! Keep up your awesome work Jugnoo ! Admire your creativity That u create Through Photography The way you dooo , i just Simply Love it .
    Keep Rocking Jiger ;)

    Regards : Atif (Xploiter ™)"

    21st August, 2008

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    Umair Ashfaq says:

    "jugnoo is so friendly and his flickr photostream is very good.
    keep it up man and PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!"

    31st July, 2008

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    perfectlymadebirds says:

    "Imran is a great work in progress with tremendous talent potential ready to be unleashed upon the world in his creative photography and art. His current circumstances has largely inhibited him from reaching new breakthroughs in his work at his job by the status quo of conformity mainstream globalized attitudes of many eastern workplace bosses who have lost the human touch culturally but don't let that fool you for one moment. I feel the day he progresses to the next level free of the chains of his current work position in Kuwait he will ultimately find what makes him happy in the pursuit of his dreams to think bold and explore new frontiers on his own free will to continue creating wonderful things that help inspire others. He just needs more encouragement and less of any restrictions put on his talent and his expressions."

    27th June, 2007

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    Getharoon80 says:

    "Creative Zee Rocks !!!

    The photoshop work is inspirational !
    he has full command over photoshop.

    Keep up the superb work.U got potential and its showing up.
    Great to watch ur work. The detail is fantastic.

    Well done 5/5 *****"

    19th March, 2007

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    KamiSyed. says:

    "Imran and I are more then fellow flickeres. We are friends on many levels. We are friends, fans and brothers. I appreciate him for his cause and effort toward Pakistan as he has worked tirelessly with little motivation from others to create an image of Pakistan through his blogpost which has made it to No one in short time. That all happend due to his hard work and his vision. His dream is not a dream anymore. It’s a reality, a reality that makes me proud of him.

    He is a creative person, his creativity reflects through his thoughtful captions, his comments, his creative graphic art and now his stunning photographs. He has matured into a talented photographer in short time because he has “the eye” for the images.

    Working and living at Kuwait he misses Pakistan like any expat Pakistani but he is never disconnected from Pakistan.

    I had the pleasure of knowing him through his comments, his blogposts, his pictures, his emails, online chats and telephonic conversation. I can read and tell a lot about person and I can tell he is a sensitive person, a person with strong ethical and moral values, a person who believes in good, a person who has pride, a person with a great heart who would help others. I learned more about him from his voice, he sounds smart, educated and sophisticated.

    Personally he has appreciated me and motivated me like no one else did on flickr. I am sure I will be writing travelogues and blogs for his site very soon and together will be creating a beautiful image of Pakistan, cause we work with – Dil say.

    Last thing – Oh I am so dearly waiting for him to come to Pakistan so we can meet in person."

    13th February, 2007

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    mina_artist says:

    "hi, zeeimran i really like your photography, keep it up.......I also want to say how creative and talented you are......i can say god gifted........In every pictures you have shown some creativity and emotions......not alot people are aware of them....you make people laugh and smile but inside you have a beautiful heart which we cannot see it........I pray for your every step you take in your life.

    Look at the bright side and don't let adversity keep you from winning and hold on to your dreams and never let them go.

    A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

    Your friends will know you better in the first minute they meet you
    than your acquaintances will know you in a thousand years."

    "Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness..."

    "Friends are born, not made.""

    30th January, 2007

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    AeFeA says:

    "Thanks for including me in your list."

    19th January, 2007

Imran Khan
July 2006
Sialkot, Pakistan, Kuwait
I am:
Male and Single
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