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Live on my Narrowboat Vox Stellarum..which is currently on the Kennet and Avon canal
For anyone interested in canals and boats she is a 70ft trad stern 2001 Colecraft..with boatmans cabin... Portholes & 7 side hatches .

For as long as I can remember I have been taking photographs Mom bought me a Kodak instamatic when I was about 12 and was totally hooked from that point on....went from the instamatic to my first 'proper' camera which was a Zenith then went through a succession of 2nd hand Pentax spotmatics..( dabbling in Black and White developing along the way which was great fun)...
now have a Pentax K10D with a lovely 105mm macro lens..& recently a 10~20mm which is just amazing!

I think Flickr is so good...I can get sidetracked here for hours..and have made some lovely friends here..virtual and real...and so many of the pictures I see here just amaze me..I am an Admin for the best Challenge Group on Flickr check it out its a lot of fun but be warned its also very very addictive !!
What I really like about Flickr is that I can be anywhere and be able to show family or friends a slideshow of my pictures..
and the fact that unlike the 'old' days when I took pictures and maybe 3 or 4 people saw them before they were consigned to a drawer... now 100's of people see them and its so nice to share!!

NB Vox Stellarum....
At sunset

and at the bottom of Caen Hill Flight
At the bottom of Caen Hill lock flight

Group Administration.....I am an Admin here
*Challenge You* group. to the best group on Flickr...

*Challenge You*. Get yours at

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    julioc. says:

    "Nature lovers, don't go no further! This is the place in which you can walk through fabulous paths and trails in the woods, gently flow down the river and watch incredible details on the most unexpected things, like shadows and silhouettes.

    Gillie is a gifted person, a promising photographer and a great virtual friend (I hope someday I may erase this 'virtual' word).

    We should all be grateful for having the opportunity to see the world through Gillie's eyes."

    February 7th, 2008

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    busb says:

    "Gillie is one of my contacts who treats the taking of photos as merely the starting point. I doff my cap to her - long live photo editing!
    Want to get an insider's view of England's waterways? Look no further!"

    October 22nd, 2007

Gillie Rhodes
February 2006
Newbury, England
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