An artistic image

is one that ensures its own development,

its historical viability.

An image is a grain,

a self-evolving retroactive organism.

It is a symbol of actual life,

as opposed to life itself.

Life contains death.

An image of life, by contrast,

excludes it, or else sees in it

a unique potential

for the affirmation of life.

-- Andrey A. Tarkovsky --


cameras i use:

Nikon D80 (new purchase Feb 07)

Olympus C-770

Kodak DC380 (this camera doesn't work anymore - old flickr stuff)

Lomo (nothing i've shot yet is up on flickr )

Canon F2 (all slide related stuff)

Konica TC (nothing i've shot yet is up on flickr)

Polaroid 600

Kiev 88

Canon Digital IXUS 200 IS

Canon 600D

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Her heart is in the right place and her lens is pointed in the same direction. Peace.

September 17, 2007

Dani's photos are just like she is - fresh, beautiful and full of the joy of life.

August 29, 2006