A. Frost (b. Bergen, Norway)
Educated- Indiana University (English Literature/Russian and Eastern European Literature and Film)
The Graduate College at Texas State University- Faculty Harassment Led to Cessation of MAs in Modernist English and American Literature and Directing for Stage and Screen.
Professional 'multi-medium' artist working in music, film, oil painting, modeling, acting, audio engineering, photography, and writing (poetry, prose, essays)
Primary musical outlet is called Love Anchor, whose demos caused quite a stir around the world, much to the surprise of many, especially Frost, who has been working with the project since early summer of 2005. He is the only full-time studio member, writing, performing, recording, engineering, producing, and distributing all Love Anchor releases. As of late 2011, the recording of the first major Love Anchor release for distribution worldwide, 'Goodnight, Lover', has been taking place at the self-financed and self-constructed lakeside facility known (in honor of musical idol Trent Reznors former New Orleans studio) as Nothing II. The facility is comprised of Nothing II (A) and Nothing II (B), the former an acoustically modified large-scale room (the largest at Nothing II, and the only one to feature a library area in the initial entranceway and added security features to allow it to double as a facility 'panic room') for tracking/practice/recording. Room A has both analog and digital recording capabilities, and features a customized Apple iMac supercomputer with a nearly peerless 16GB of RAM. Room B is an anomaly, for it was originally intended as a mixing/vocal tracking area with a guest bed and stocked closet-space for visitors. It is a PC-based room that is capable of communicating via a studio Wi-Fi network with Room A. Mention has been made that B Section is off-limits, having been effectively sealed off after Frost was poisoned by what is believed to be a spider-bite. Frost intends to retire the Love Anchor project due to the massive expenses associated with recording and traveling, the isolation of life in a studio, discontent with the music business at both the independent and major label levels- Frost notably received a message from an A&R executive asking for a physical demo, a procedure Frost refrained from executing due to overwork and exhaustion. It was around this time he became perhaps the only artist to receive a lifetime ban from Hollywoods notorious Whisky- where the wild hair metal bands of the 80s scene (Motley Crue, Faster Pussycat, etc.) frequently performed. It is of a fair degree of certainty that not even these bands hold the 'lifetime ban' distinction, of which Frost is quite proud: 'I did it because you don't call one of the top Jazz musicians from another country and ask him to pay $240 on top of his own expenses (in cash) for a Tuesday night performance. It's unbelievable. I was going to be booked as the 2nd act of a 4 or 5 act show comprised of LA pop bands...I was pissed. I didn't even make it to LA and they gave me the ban. I told them exactly how I felt: you're charging poor artists who have high expenses for gear/travel/etc. nearly half the American laborers weekly earnings to take the stage at your once-famous bar on a weeknight? For 30 minutes? I told them 'you're running on fumes, guys. You haven't been relevant in my lifetime.' And that was that. They charge you to videotape your shows too, and take a huge chunk of your merch. sales...something like 30-50%. I'd have to look at the contract. I saved it because it's so completely anti-musician that it's sick.
Frost works as a model, now freelance due to time constraints. His career was scrutinized upon an agency perusal of his portfolio- supposedly comprised of black and white shots taken in the woods. Frost defended his choice to take his own photographs by stating that his photographic capabilities far exceeded those of the divas he'd be expected to work with, further stating that such shoots are overblown and a wear on the nerves.
A poet and writer since his first children's book, written and illustrated by Frost at the tender age of 4, his poetry volume "And Persephone Turned To Him Weeping", workshopped by Eileen Myles, has garnered comparisons to Rainer Maria Rilke and Sylvia Plath, the latter of whom Frost says is his number one choice for 'a single woman from history.'
As a filmmaker, his two short films defy most current artistic conventions with a distinctly auteur flair: all camerawork, cinematography, writing, post-production editing, musical soundtrack composition and performance, as well as directing and production is credited to Frost.
A painter since discovering a hardcover collection of paintings by Vincent van Gogh, an event that elicited a decision for serious study in the medium of painting by the then 8 year old boy. His style is a combination of Impressionist brushstrokes and so-called Post-Impressionist and Expressionist colors- vivid canvases done with fingers and oils, they are all 'depictions of fleeting moments, like when you pass a field of flowers in a car- that quick burst of color, vibrancy that you could have missed just as easily...it sticks with you, ephemerality. And it's especially true when it's beautiful.' A painter of floral scenes and nothing else, Frost attributes his predilection of subject matter to Monet, van Gogh, and Emil Nolde. 'Flowers are the most wondrous, beautiful thing...and they always come back. It's perfect for the purpose of artistic transcendence in painting." Frost owns work by Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, and other Modernist-themed Cubist works by several students of the latter.
Frost is a philanthropist and outspoken critic of the American government system, and Democracy as a whole, using his non-profit The Frost Foundation to help causes he endorses through sales of his home-made Love Anchor merchandise and newly self-published books, allotting a certain percentage of total income to donations to battered women, neglected children, anti-police/police brutality education, and cancer research. As of May 2012, Frost has grown his hair for a period of nearly 3 years, hoping to provide enough hair for 'maybe more than one person, or two or three small children' who would like wigs after radiation/chemotherapy hair-loss.

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