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    murray.jones27 says:

    "Dear Reader,
    I am the happy, contented and privileged owner of Yvonne (Nony for short) who is the first production doll from LD. She breezed into my life in April 2009 as a carefree, easygoing and uninhibited personality.

    Despite some early nervousness and accidental fumbling by me she has shown herself to be very tough and durable. Withstanding some unfortunate 'positions', which no self respecting doll should tolerate, without harm.

    She is light, easy to handle, easy to position and pose, irresistible with her brown eyes and realistic, detailed and sexy form and very, very companionable and cuddle-able.

    Because she is the first I have been able to provide some valuable feedback to LD to address some (very minor) issues to improve almost the unimprovable for all future LovableDoll owners.

    Matt, Bronwen and their team at LD have been helpful with their dealings with me and generous with their support.

    You can see pictures of Nony in her set at Flickr (Lovable Dolls), in her Album at 'The Doll Forum', or in her Album and blog at 'CoverDoll'.

    Really, no testimonial is required at all. Her Photos and pictures say it all.

    So, if you are looking in the market for a life-size, fully posable, anatomically correct Adult Doll.
    Who you gonna call?"

    May 18th, 2009

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    kakdela says:

    "Well what can i say, i think these dolls are going to be the best on the market.
    The attention to detail is fanatastic!
    I honestly thought RealDoll was the doll i wanted to buy,but after looking at these superb photos,and visiting Loveable Dolls website and reading what other members on The Doll Forum say about Matt and Bronwen,i have decided that Yvette is the only Doll for me!
    So my euros are being saved up,so one day soon i hope!
    I will be able to send for her,and make me a very happy man!
    Congratulations to Knighthorse."

    February 12th, 2009

Silicone Dolls
January 2009
Northern San Diego, CA, USA
Doll Manufacturer