Like Vincent Versace, I view photography as a way "to slow down to the speed of life, make visual poems that take the viewer the way you were taken. To visually speak poetically and to write with light using the language of heightened emotion."

I have always loved photography, both looking at it, and creating it, starting with my first Brownie camera. Photography has helped me to see the world more deeply and clearly and has expanded my view of things. I hope that my creations share some of this experience with my audience. Workshops and fellow photographers have taught me much. Otherwise I am self taught, without any formal photography schooling.

Mostly I photograph what I love, or what moves me. I take my camera with me most places, and take photographs almost every day. I take photographs of nature, from landscapes to macros. My dogs have taught me much about portraiture. I'm more passionate about composition than I am about the technical stuff, but I try to master the technical skills so that I can use my cameras with ease for artistic discovery and expression and creation. I also love street photography and creating portraits of people I encounter in the flow of life. I kayak and swim many days, capturing whatever draws me through the lens with my underwater camera. My years of practice as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist color my practice of attuning especially to the emotional dimension.

I also practice and teach mindfulness meditation. Mindful or contemplative photography is part of my practice. Creating art is a way for me to be more present and awake in the world, and to invite others to awaken to this dimension.

I live in Key Largo, and work in Miami, FL.

Here is my portfolio, which I think are my top works.

My photographs which have received various awards, or won contests, or been published are here.

Please: Do not blog, copy, or use my photos in any way, without checking with me first. Copyright protected and all rights reserved to me.. Most of my images are for sale. Either e-mail me at, or Flickr mail me.

My photographs which have received the Flickr "Explore" award, which are photos considered among the top 500 most interesting photos uploaded for the day at Flickr, are here.

Please feel free to browse through all of my photographs, sorted according to Flickr's criteria of "interestingness", right here.

Or you can wander through my photostream, where you can see many of my works in progress, in chronological order, and find my photographs organized in sets, by genre and topic, and time frame.

Two of my photos were in a juried gallery exhibit at the The Main Street Gallery in Groton New York. The photos are for sale, in a limited edition of 30 framed prints:
Angelic (which received "honorable mention" in addition to being accepted for the juried exhibit):
Angelic  (Explore #1 Front Page)

and "Heaven Sent":
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If you wish to purchase one of these limited edition prints, please contact me at, or by Flickr mail.

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