Lonesome Traveler is the title of one of my favourite authors Jack Kerouac's books. I chose that title as my screen name as I think it fits what I do with regards to my photography very well as most of my photos are taken when I'm travelling, and as travel alone, I feel occasionally feel lonesome from time to time.


So far I have self-published tow photography books. One is called 'Anywhere Road - Retracing Jack Kerouac'. More information about this project can be found at www.retracingjackkerouac.com


The other one consists of photographs I took on a 2010 trip to Omaha,Nebraska is titled 'Somewhere In Middle America'. You can check it out here:


somewhere in middle america by j haeske | Make Your Own Book


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'The poignancy of a photograph comes from looking back to a fleeting moment in a floating world'

Allen Ginsberg,1990

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