Hi everybody my name is Lorenzo Gutierrez and I specialize in digital marketing. I have a small boutique agency called Lorenzo Gutierrez Digital Marketing. I service only a small group of clients where I am able to focus 100% of my attention. That's my passion and all I really do. Well since digital marketing consists of alot of moving parts it keeps me quite busy. Some of the areas I work in are:


Content Marketing: This is typically blogging, press releases or other form of content. The purpose is to attract more website visitors on organic search.


PPC or Pay Per Click Management: This is managing Google Ads. I do this really well. I have been able to 5x campaigns for my clients in a matter of months!


SEO: Now this is my bread and butter, in fact I have been doing SEO for over 10 years now. Much has changed and I have adapted my strategies with time.


Branding: This is just more than a pretty logo. I go deep into the business understanding the inner workings so I am able to develop personas.


Review Funnels

Client reviews are very important for any type of business whether it be B2B or B2B. Good 5 star reviews offer trust to a potential new client and bad 2 star reviews can cast doubt. One way to better manage your businesses reviews is to implement a review funnel. A review funnel is a system setup which allows you to better manage the reviews that you receive online this is done by guiding your customers through the reviewing process on a self-hosted website. If the user had a great time they would select an icon to reflect that such as a thumbs up and be redirected to a review site like Google My Business, Trustpilot, Yelp or an industry site to leave a positive review. Now if the user had a bad experience and selects the thumbs down icon they are redirected to page with an apology from the company and a form so the customer can voice their concern.

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