Having fun being retired .
I take virtually only macro shots, nearly all of them in my own garden so I view it is a seasonal photo diary of interesting things I find there.

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The LordV refers to Lord Vetinari my hero in the discworld book series. RIP Terry Pratchett

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  • has anyone seen the bairns? by Iain Lawrie
  • Straight on and Left at the Stamen by Abovelifesize
  • Springtail by ronibiza
  • Bee on a Cosmos flower by ronibiza
  • Hoverfly on a wild flower by ronibiza
  • berger's clouded yellow detail by Camerar 4 million views!
  • Glanville Fritillary - Melitaea cinxia in love by Camerar 4 million views!

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    Kurt (OrionHerpAdventure.com) says:

    "Brian has always been a great influence in my macro photography. His macro/close-up work has inspired me so much and still continues to do so. I have learned so much from him! Leaf holding trick, macro panorama, focus stacking, animation/gif - just to name a few. Brian's refraction images are out of this world and second to none!

    Brian is also one of the nicest and most helpful persons you'll find in any forums!"

    July 6th, 2010

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    Casseris says:

    "Brian is one of the macro masters on Flickr and in other online and published magazines and sites. He has taken the time to learn his craft and apply it in ways that others can only dream of.

    A lot can be learnt simply by viewing the photos in his photo stream. He has also taken the time to answer a lot of questions in his Flickr group “Macro Viewers” which has been received very well by photographers new to the macro world.

    Apart from learning from his photos if you simply want to enjoy the small world we take for granted everyday then take the time to go through his portfolio and enjoy."

    June 16th, 2010

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    Bryce McQuillan says:

    "Brian (Lord V)

    A brilliant photographer but not only that but also a Brilliant friend and teacher, Thank you for all the help! You have Been AMAZING!!!


    October 16th, 2008

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    yimING_ says:

    "I thought it was bad enough to see how Brian could macro something in the chills of winter, but now come summer, gosh.... its like national geographic channel on still motion by the day."

    May 3rd, 2008

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    Fir.. says:

    "First time I viewed Brian's photostream I got hooked rightaway. The macro images he took are absolutely phenomenal. I spent hours looking at his photostream and can't get enough of his work. He is one of my favorite macro photographers and he is truly an inspirational photographer. I am so VERY honored to be one of his contacts. Thank you Brian especially for all the advice you gave me. Truly appreciate it :)"

    August 16th, 2007

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    The Bald Eagle1 says:

    "I have been fortunate to have seen many of Brian's fantastic images. He has been a true source of inspiration for me and many others. His willingness to help others is what really makes him stand out head and shoulders above the rest. His body of work in the Macro realm is Magical."

    August 12th, 2007

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    AirBrontosaurus says:

    "Brian is far and away the best macro shooter I have ever seen. Not only are his photos good technically, but they have a certain quality about them that is tough to define. His fly pictures look almost surreal. The detail is such that it makes you look twice. His water-drop reflections/refractions are absolutely stunning. His focus-stacks come out looking amazing, and his cross-eyed stereograms work the first time, every time.
    Thanks Brian, for being a teacher and an inspiration to me and many others. Keep on shooting those macros!"

    September 12th, 2006

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    omeuceu says:

    "Brian has the best macro I saw around flickr and even beat any Canon EOS-1D Mark II N :) Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II :). He doesn´t need these camera. He is the CAMERA! Sometimes, the photos are just outearth! Brian takes mm level to us with so crisp images. Brian, the brain of macros and a real lord of Nature! :) Thank you, Brian!"

    August 15th, 2006

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    Awais Yaqub says:

    "Great macro guy his work is superb always amazed me. Never saw anyone doing macro like he do.
    Great teacher always great advice from him !"

    September 8th, 2006

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    Crfullmoon says:

    "Being able to see more than I ever wanted to know about tiny flies and such
    is something I really enjoy about Lord V's amazing photos.

    Always worth checking up on what he's found next,
    there seem to be years of flickr photos right in his hedges.
    His patience and photography skills produce flickr gems for us to peer at.
    (Though, the cross-eye stereograms
    tire my eyes out just thinking about them.) ;-)"

    June 26th, 2006

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    Digital Gurl says:

    "I must admit that I was a fan of Brian's macro photography long before I found his Flickr stream. He posts his fabulous work in forums and galleries across the internet. Each time I view one of his macro shots, my jaw drops to the floor! He seems to have a natural talent for shooting these incredible and amazing images! The detail is beyond belief.

    Two words come to my mind whenever I see the name "LordV" ..... WOW and AWESOME! If you are not viewing his fantastic Flickr Stream of macros, you are missing one of the visual treats of a lifetime! Brian is definitely "da man" when it comes to creative and brilliant macro work!

    Keep shooting and sharing Brian because this "Flickrette" enjoys your AMAZING MACRO's"

    January 1st, 2006

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