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I am a real estate agent and a photographer, blending my two passions into what you see here. Selling condos and lofts, I am very cognizant of the pace of development in this city. I love seeing the conversion of an old factory into lofts - even more when I see the same joy in the face of a client viewing such a unit.


Our world is filled with structures, some forgotten and others well-loved. What stories do these buildings have to tell... what scenes have those stones witnessed? Why is the human race so obsessed with erecting these monuments made of metal and brick - and why do they so carelessly abandon them when they are no longer needed?


These are some of the questions I like to address in my photography. I lived for many years in a small town north of Toronto and saw many deserted old farms simply left to rot. It was these old barns and silos that originally piqued my interest in the decayed. Now exploring the urban landscape, I aim to bring the documentary power of the camera to the hidden areas of cities everywhere.


As co-founder and member of the DK Photo Group and co-owner of the former galleryDK, this vision has taken me to new heights. We even had a short TV series on Bravo - www.youtube.com/results?search_query=photoxplorers



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