Internet dinosaur and dabbler in photography.

In a very distant past I once developed and printed my own b/w shots, but I much prefer the digital process. As a kid I used some point-'n-shoots. In 1999 I bought my first (analog) SLR and also used a very crappy digital camera for the first time.
Bought my first DSLR in 1995 and am still using it.

Strictly an amateur in both the original sense of the word: love to 'work-play' with the camera and in the sense most people interpret it nowadays: passionate enough but not earning my daily bread with it.

I guess I like shooting digital because I've been using computers for ages and let's face it: for the dabbler it offers a rich set of opportunities and tools to experiment and learn.

I love seeing the world through the lens while traveling, walking around, experimenting.

While I admire a lot of people's work with uh well other people i.e. portraits I myself am more inclined to capture scenes of nature and urbanalia, for the moment, but who knows ?

Sometimes I set out with an idea of what to look for and end up with something altogether rather different, this process of organic inspiration is what appeals to me.
As such I rarely plan my photography activities as most of the times I'm not trying to get a point across. I shoot pictures because in my minds' eye something stands out.

What I hope to achieve is a sense of experiencing the daily wonders found and looking upon even the mundane with a renewed sense of wonder. Not unlike what a child might go through. "Find joy in the little things", it is a tiresome cliche, but it nonetheless rings with a lot of truth.

I like to be able to browse back and have an external memory device helping me with outlining my own fuzzier memories. In what I share I hope other people will recognize a thing of beauty, giggle at a goofy idea and/or share their experiences and constructive comments.

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