Passionate photographer. Amateur, as in not making money with it. Never mix passion with business.

You'll find a lot of concert photos here. I still do that occasionally. However, my favourite band quit and without them I don't have the drive anymore to shoot concerts.

I love to photograph my friends. This can be in my improvised studio, on location but also as snapshots. I love to show them how I see them and how beautiful they are.

'Planes, trains and automobiles' is also a favourite subject, especially air-cooled Volkswagens (no, I don't own one anymore).

Currently I do a lot of film work and I develop my own black and white negatives.

Do I have a style? Of sorts yes. I feel most comfortable in that grey area between a snapshot and a posed shot. I like bright pictures with full tonality. This also is a handicap, because even my snapshots can look static and (whisper it) boring.

Disclaimer: Probably because I have a lot of pictures up of pretty young women, sometimes real perverts add me as contacts. Usually their accounts show fuzzy pictures of genitals or even underage girls. Don't even think about it, I'll block and report you if I find out.

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Ronald Hogenboom
January 2009
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Look up in wonder