I have gardened at Longears, my idyllic suburban patch since 1987. My original garden plans did not include rodents of any kind, but I find, year after year, my gardening contributes greatly to the well-being of RABBITS! I am sweet-tempered under normal circumstances. However, rabbits in the garden are NOT normal circumstances! I have chronicled my adventures in one of the sets on my Flickr site, "Mug Shots, Volume III" (volumes I and II are available only in limited first edition hard copy). If you wish to catch up on the history of Longears, you can view that set on my Flickr site:
Since so much of the story is told in the comments (both mine and those of my witty, hilarious contacts), please don't view it as a slide show, but read each frame individually.
Jeanette, Mistress of Longears
Raising Rabbits Against My Will Since 1987

Photos of Mistress of Longears (6)

  • Liberty Memorial, KCMO by Cathy (Kate) Johnson
  • 38th International Sketchcrawl at Union Station, KCMO by Cathy (Kate) Johnson
  • 38th International Sketchcrawl at Union Station, KCMO by Cathy (Kate) Johnson
  • 38th International Sketchcrawl at Union Station, KCMO by Cathy (Kate) Johnson
  • 38th International Sketchcrawl at Union Station, KCMO by Cathy (Kate) Johnson
  • June Sketchcrawl by Cathy (Kate) Johnson
  • June Sketchcrawl by Cathy (Kate) Johnson
  • Jeanette by Cathy (Kate) Johnson
  • Longears at the Sketchcrawl by Cathy (Kate) Johnson
  • To all my Flickr friends and family by juj ~
  • Felices fiestas! by ego2005

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    Judy & Paul says:

    "Jeanette's talents are seemingly endless! She paints with a lighhearted touch, cooks with abandon, writes with a quick, extremely entertaining wit, gardens with determination and against all long-eared odds . . . and, happily, she shares it all with her fortunate flickr friends in her wonderful photos. She and Ozzie are greatly admired by me, and I'm always looking forward to seeing what the day will bring from Longears.

    August 21st, 2008

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    loveitaly says:

    "The Mistress of Longears is one of my favorite people on flickr. I admire her consummate sense of humor, beautiful gardening skills, delicate touch as a painter, great cooking tips, and fabulous photography of all of the above. Her creativity knows no bounds. And, well, there's her dog...Ozzie is a treat, and puts up with her, so I figure I should, too."

    May 7th, 2008

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    Bev In Colorado USA says:

    "This is a long overdue word of gratitude to "Mistress of Longears"...I have so much admiration for your talents in art and photography.... Mistress has a very keen eye and sense of humor in writing , art, and photos...you have no idea how many of us wait patiently for the next post.....to follow along on your adventures. Your gift of natural humor and your creative talent make so many of our lives cheerier and brighter each day. Thanks for sharing your world....:0) !!!!Bev"

    April 12th, 2008

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    Paris Breakfast says:

    "Dear Mistress of Longears Manor,

    I am very taken with your view on things.
    In fact I would like to have your view very much to myself, since I am sadly bereft of squirrels, rabbits and chipmunks and whatnot in my apartment.
    Yours is a most fortunate existence.
    I am best pleased you have seen fit to share the bounties of Longears Manor House with the Flickr multitudes who admire from afar...
    From an admiring stranger :)"

    September 11th, 2007

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    ayelet guri says:

    "mistress of longears has one of the most beautiful interesting gallery i have seen in flicker,
    it is always a great pleasure to visit here,
    her illustrations are so marvelous that even in a bad day they cheering mw up!!!!!"

    August 6th, 2007

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    janelafazio says:

    "Clever, witty, imaginative and an excellent photographer and needless to say, gardener. M of L needs to create a blog!"

    July 12th, 2007

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    linda yvonne says:

    "Mistress of Longears is one of the most creative people I know. Although a practicing architect by profession, she is also a gourmet cook, and talented paper maker and jounalist. She has a profound interest in the world around her."

    February 3rd, 2007

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