Bipedal male primate frequently encountered in the company of a camera.

I've had a number of digital cameras since early 1997; virtually all of them Kodak point-and-shoot models. Many of the photos in my collection were taken with the Kodak DC4800, which I passed along to a friend of mine in the summer of 2005.

What I'm shooting with...

Canon Powershot S80, acquired off the net because I missed the one I sold before (see below). Was "broken" with an E18 error, so sold to me cheap, but I fixed it. Yay me. :)
Canon Powershot G9, acquired second-hand by touching base with a professional photographer in Ottawa. In pretty much all respects, it replaces my S80, which I've recently sold to a friend
Canon Rebel XT 350D, with a variety of lenses
Canon Powershot S70, acquired via eBay from a fellow in Windsor and converted to infrared photograph; carried with me most of the time to shoot IR images; replaces Canon G1 converted to IR
Nikon Coolpix 4300, formerly carried with me... too unresponsive and frequently 'forgot' its current settings; set aside in favour of the S80. (N.B.: on "permanent loan" to a friend for about a year and a half, it was returned to me in January at my request; intending to use it for occasional 5-shot AEB spreads)

Retired cameras I still own

Kodak CX3770, kept in the car so that I'll always have a good camera with me on the road
Kodak DC50 Zoom, at lowest quality settings for "painterly" images (I also still own a DC40, but since it can only transfer pictures via the serial port and special software, odds are I will never use it again)
Canon PowerShot G1, modified to capture infrared images; retired in May, 2007 in favour of a converted Canon PowerShot S70
Aiptek DV II, my first carry-around-on-me camera and the first that could make videos... I carried it around for about a year before buying the Kodak CX7330 that replaced it

Retired cameras I no longer own

Kodak DC4800, purchased in February, 2001 and sold to a friend in August, 2005; my one-and-only workhorse for several years and many a trek. Too bulky to be carried on my person.
Canon Powershot S80, carried with me most of the time for lomographic purposes and to take AEB spreads for HDR work Sold in January, 2008 to a friend when I acquired the G9

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    CarlBSr says:

    "Lone Primate is a photographer who continues to grow. His work is bold and often daring without being glaring. HIs work crosses genre and technique, often interacting. His latest work using PMC-IR is such an example of the interaction of genre and technique. Unlike many, he is willing to share technique and ideas, often providing comments that give helpful and respectful criticism. He is a true flickr citizen!"

    November 13th, 2006

August 2005
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