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D'Lish says:

Volsus Deulusz Ya!

March 19, 2006
benny says:

the Chet got me on to this site and i havent looked back since you are a fun guy to travel with jon and hang out with and your work is truly inspiring and he is also very welcoming he even let me and some buddies stay at his place in victoria when he wasnt even in town a true legend ...Cheers Bro

October 15, 2005

An unextinguishable spirit with the soul of a romantic, the mischief of a thousand imps, and a style that is undeniably... rad. And he smells terrific!

June 21, 2005

He's brilliant. An adventurer, world traveller, creative genuis. He enjoys long walks, and easy listening. HAHAH DORK*! *I'm his brother...

March 24, 2005
Actually Price (deleted)

He definetly is a brilliant artist, I dont know about the "dork" part but he sure knows how to kick it :P two thumbs up!

February 8, 2005