Just goofing around with a Canon 450D and a sigma 17-70 lens (previously a compact camera, Pentax Optio 750Z).
Trying to improve (maybe not hard enough), your advice is more than welcome :)
Actually for the moment, mostly trying to find time to sort several months worth of pictures and uploading quite rarely :/

Sorry if I don't come to check my contacts' photostreams or upload pictures regularly, I tend to get overwhelmed by other things a bit too easily...
Sorry also if you added me as a contact and I didn't reciprocate, it certainly doesn't mean I don't like your pictures or don't care : I'm always very pleased to get to know new photographers. It's just that I am already unable to cope with my 70 contacts or so :D

Sometimes my camera and I get lucky, and if you find I got lucky too and want to use one of my pictures, I'd be very pleased to hear from you :)

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March 2006
Lyon, France
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