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All LightPaintings are available as individual Prints on Paper or Kanvas.
Kontakt me via flickr here. Just be veeery patient, since I am rarely online!

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Krystian Schneidewind ©1999-2016 all Rights reserved

~ 130.000 Visitors as Artist at the 7th Berlin Biennale "Occupy Biennale" (2012, Berlin) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berlin_Biennale

~ 111.000 Visitors via Exhibitions & Artfestivals (1999-2008) For example the "OberbaumArtBridge every Year... 2005: www.flickriver.com/photos/tags/oberbaumartbridge/interest...

~ 1.800.000 Visitors in this online Gallery (2013)

~ 5.000.000 Visitors via Streetart in Berlin (2002-2016)

Yet better see on your own where we go today, this "Power-Plant" is wild-thriving,
hard working on the PHOTOSynthese, the Arts and for YOU!

Always different, Krystian "Krane" Schneidewind

"What did you see?"
What did you see?
Krystian Schneidewind ©1999-2010 all Rights reserved

I´m not a Photographer, I konsider myself a LightPainter or Photophilosopher:
daring enough to show both Sides of Life, the dreadful as well as the beautiful! Therefore my Art is not suitable for Masses, it´s only for the Few who are still strong enough to resist the modern Kitsch, the Tedium in the Artprodukts of our young Century! It´s for those with a strong, ventured Taste, it´s for the Rich...

Besides from being an intensive & extensive Artist, an everydaylife Scientist, an adamant Poet and a nonkonformistikal Konstruktivist - I´m also an Inventor!
For Example I´m known for being the Originator of the disembarassing Anti-Gravity, a Challenge, Alternative to Mr. Newton and his Massiness! Since 1999 I´ve established the Industry-Aesthetik (I kall it "pAn.K.aesthetik"), making our post-indsutrial Realities presentable even in Galleries! And I´ve started PHOTOphilosophy here in the Web, a Method or Perspektive to bring back Kontent, Severity & Sturdiness to our beautfiul Piktureworlds...

"Timemachines" Krystian ©1999-2010 all Rights reserved

Kabelrolle Krystian ©1999-2010 all Rights reserved

/Diagonals/ Krystian ©1999-2010 all Rights reserved

Steamboatmoonnight Krystian ©1999-2010 all Rights reserved

[ \]
Magik Square (Minimalism doen´t mean the tristesse of Nihil)

Melting Frost
"Melting Frost" Krystian ©1999-2010 all Rights reserved


Selektive Summary of the personal Background of Krystian Schneidewind:
First Loom was 1st April 1980 in northern Europe near the Sea, for over 2 Dekades living and loving in "Spreeathens", Berlin.
In the Beginning there were the klassik Arts: 1st "Piece of Art" I remember, besides Sketches & Skribbles as Child, is a Skulpture made of Plaster I´ve done with 9 Years on Summervakation! (Still have it, it´s not broken over the last 19Years - and you know it´s a most fragile Material, so that means something...) It was artless, instinktual Akt of Kreativity: Imprint of my left Hand (I´m lefthanded) - what says a lot about my Œuvre, the Way of Finding & Founding. Later Drawing & Painting katched my Interest kompletely for over ten Years and since 1999 also Photographing... (Thanks Dad for my 1st Kamera - you´ve started the Avalanche then with the tall Mastiff `94 in Italy!;) 1999 I´ve also done my first Exhibition with the pAn.K.aesthetik in the Citycenter of Berlin at the Brunnenstrasse (Oil Paintings about Textures and the use of Space in our industrial Times), in 2001 I´ve also exhibited a Series of Drawings in the industrial, "young East" of this old Zitty (Marzahn - a famous Distrikt known for modern Tristesse and Bauhaus like Architekture, a social "burning Point"...), then I like to pick out some Exhibitions in 2002/03 Friedrichshain and Prenzlauer Berg, fokussing on Streetart: Together with the Streetartfollowers of Friedrichshain we brought Paperworks, Urban A*esthetik to our Audience. In the other Gallery there was a Kollektion of Photos `spezially dokumenting Ferrokulture, my first "pAn.K. Photo" was sold (as a Birthday Present a Lover donated to his Lady!) A blue Smokestack, from the Series Ceci une Pipe you know from around fLICKr.
The ongoing Urban Aesthetik-Series you kan find in the the Streets of Berlin, the "Kapital of Streetart", or by following this Link: pAn.K, where I´ve kollekted some of my Graphiks... I do the urban Art Stuff just for Fun and to inspire (or influence, or infekt - kounts on the View of the Rezipient) Berlin, the Streeartscene, the Artists, the Web- & Graphikdesigners from the untold Advertisekompanies in Berlin... They all help me to bring this mighty little "post-industriel Seed" around the World!
The last big Event around my Œuvre was the "OberbaumArtBridge, August 2005/2006 (Art-Happening every Year, 2 Days, ~20000 Visitors) The Feedback at this Exhibition was wonderful, the Show was very klose to the Audience, the Visitors were open and have a different Views to the Theme...
Lately one of my Piktures (Squared Zirquel) was printed in "MAX" Magazin (May´06)... [+++Always in Progress+++, Dec.2006]
Savour the Travel, enjoy the Eyeblinks of Life.

Selektive List of Links to published/ blogged Piktures from the PHOTOsynthesis:


Berlin Guides:
www.schmap.com/ (1st and 3rd Edition for Berlin)


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    Matthew Fang says:

    "This man have is a vevry good humorist from he's window to look this funny world it just make you have a smile from he work and your heart , At the somw time make people think to .

    Do't konw how and why when i see your pics i just keep go in from time to time , i think this is a good photographer way to take on and it's success .

    If you do think so ! just take time and look at now you will believe......"

    August 15th, 2007

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    ☯ AnA oMeLeTe ☯ says:

    "An activist, through his photos, to peace on earth, for respect of nature, for the good mood, for life on all it's details.

    Original angles, photos, perspectives.

    Keep up the good work my friend! ***"

    May 11th, 2007

  • view profile

    joey kennedy says:

    "Krystian work re-defines the word Atmostphere~! His images are uplifting and inspiring in simple yet very effective ways. I havent met him yet, but i feel his positiviness accross the web 7 thousand miles away and its awesome! I look forward to giving him his own Exposure!"

    January 18th, 2007

  • view profile

    dcols says:

    "I think all your Work are Interesting, I like it , His abstract works, And Creative Pictures.
    Krystian,is a Man with "Heart for Art"
    Well Done My friend.
    Danke Meine Friend


    August 6th, 2006

  • view profile

    Bukutgirl says:

    "I don't even like cranes...or industrial scenes - but I love this man's work, always improving always impressive!"

    May 28th, 2006

  • view profile

    est0al says:

    "Unique - Everything about Krystian's style is unique in a very refreshing way.

    His way at looking at the world, capturing things and aftertouching his images simply blows me away every time. I especially like his abstract works and his minimal shots which can be so complex that it makes the eyes bleed.

    Not only is it a pleasure to look at Krystian's stream but it is also always good fun to communicate with him. This guy from Berlin is probably one of the most dedicated flickr citizens I have stumbled upon thus far! You might also want to check out some of the groups which Krystian has created because he also knows how to gather like-minded photographers and artists..."

    May 18th, 2006

  • view profile

    Lapsklaus says:

    "Krystian was one of the first people I encountered here on Flickr, and his photos had a huge impact on me from the first moment. In my opinion his photos are unmatched when it comes to displaying life at it's most fun and vigorous. Checking in on his photostream regularly has become a favourite habit, and inspires me to the fullest. Krystians PHOTOSynthesis brings life to details and situations that would've passed most of us by without noticing. He, instead, freezes those moments with an incredibly humble and loving touch. Thanks, Krystian."

    May 15th, 2006

  • view profile

    Ms. Soccer_Roo says:

    "Imagine my excitement when I found somebody who found the beauty in construction and metal as I did... Then the ability he has to capture it and share it with the world is beauty within itself.. I love the art he creates with his photos, and how each photo has such depth and meaning...

    Krystian is very kind and always willing to offer advice and a guiding hand... I value his advice and love seeing his creations..."

    May 12th, 2006

  • view profile

    maurice flower says:

    "Krystian you are really one of the greatest photographers on Flickr!
    What a wonderful brilliant frothily broad photoflood of images! It is truly a very rich flood. This is not just an ordenary 'photostream'. And the flood is not only beautiful in the center of the current of impressions. No, the outer parts of these broad watermasses — at its broadests as the Amazon — are also beautiful with lushly greeness on land. There are many happy people standing and whatching this beautiful scenary in total ave and admiration from the shorelines of this flood. And they wave to their friends to come and watch this scenery! "Come and watch here!" And I am one of them.

    Hans - I live in Stockholm, Sweden."

    April 21st, 2006

  • view profile

    etravus says:

    "Krystians imagery is mind blowing.
    His way of looking at the world is original and bold. When I need inspiration I come to ! * Krystians PHOTOSynthesis * !


    April 24th, 2006

  • view profile

    froodmat says:

    "i got to say something to this philosopher:

    his photos and words are not the usual stuff, he takes photos on a mission and speaks wisely... his mind and his language is hard to understand on the first sight and it takes time to learn, but i can tell you, it's worth the trouble. take your time, take a closer look (try to look under the surface) and you'll get high class fun and amusement in return...

    and take a lesson in his school of see, learn to see like i did...

    ps: you see how inspiring he can get... or do you know, what i'm talkin about, on the first sight?"

    December 16th, 2005

Krystian Schneidewind
September 2005
Berlin, Europe
Krystian / XIT 02.02.2020