Hi there, I'm an artist and writer with a variety of styles created from a varied past. I survived her early years in Mesa, Arizona, living on a diet of science fiction,

comic books, spring board diving, and gymnastics. At age 19 I escaped the suburban desert, for the land of Oz, also known as the city of Los Angeles, California.

There I wallowed in the delights of the multi cultural movie madness with the varied professions of graphic artist for the Los Angeles Zoo, art director for a small educational publishing firm, children's illustrator, and finally at age 30 I entered the world of TV animation as a story board artist. For the past many years I have worked for just about every large animation studio, and also illustrate for fantasy

roll playing and collectable card games.


Original woks for sale at Etsy:




Check out my website at: www.llynsplace.com


Bobcat Publishing: www.llynsplace.com/BP.swf

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  • JoinedMay 2007
  • Occupationstory board artist, illustrator, publisher
  • Hometownthe world
  • Current cityAtascadero
  • CountryUSA
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Healthy Dock (deleted)

Always there to give such support on new art work! A true talent in the industry always coming up with new illustrations and ideas that push the boundaries....Grade A+++ Artist!!

August 27, 2008

Such a sweet and organic style, and an amazing sense of humor in her art. Every piece is a joy!

April 15, 2008