It wasn't until I was 16 years old that I first picked up a camera, a small Fuji bridge camera that I could chuck into my rucksack when I went out riding trails with friends. The camera wasn't great and neither was I, but I thought we were both pretty awesome. Until I started to look at other photographers work that is... I managed to teach myself the basics as I went along, learning to set-up a camera properly, how important light is to a scene and composing the photo. As I grew to love the hobby more and more I took the decision that this could potentially be a future career.

I soon discovered that I had a talent for capturing high-speed motorsports, combining this with my passion for aviation to nurture the split-second instinct necessary to produce stunning aerial images from cramped cockpits and cabins that offer no option to re-shoot.
I have extensive experience working with air arms and aviation organisations all over the world, on behalf of internationally renowned publications. I pride myself on my ability to integrate with aircrews; safely and reliably delivering beautiful images of their machines at work.

Through this I have gone onto become the head of stills photography for Vortex Aeromedia, a company that specialises in creative and high quality photography and videography for the aerospace, defence and aviation sectors.

I have also secured a sub-contracted photography position for Motorsport Vision, a company that is responsible for some of the largest, most well known race circuits around the UK. Whilst working as a sub-contracted photographer for the company I have been responsible for producing advertising images, photographing Motorsport vision run track days & working closely with customers to provide high quality photographs.

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    Wayne Fox Photography says:


    February 24th, 2015

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    "This lad Lloyd has taught me most of what I know today, long exposures to HDR's. A great mate and a greater laugh. Produces top draw photos from everywhere he goes. We and Mat have been on some epic adventures with some serious laugh out loud moments with plenty more to come. From being set upon by Wylfa Nuclear power security to literally shitting our selves at Chesterton in the pitch black! We've also seen some amazing sights to remember for years to come. From an awsome end of day F-15 display, watching the mist roll of Llyn Stlwan to set the scene for some stunning photos to doing an all nighter around the streets of London. Landscapes are his forte and they''re truly phenominal, no matter where they are. So it comes as no suprise to find Lloyd amongst the top of the class with the material he produces and that his work has been displayed across Birmingham.

    We've photographed all of Birmingham and North Wales isn't far off.

    Next Stop...


    September 20th, 2009

Lloyd Horgan
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