Swedish Scrapper: Quilting, photos, and Sweden!

Dawn comes late by Lizzie - Swedish Scrapper

Dreamy 5 by Lizzie - Swedish Scrapper

I love to take pictures of the wild, different kinds of light, and barns, year round. If I happen upon a fox or crane or reindeer, so much the better!
Fox and cranes 1 by Lizzie - Swedish Scrapper

Early Reindeer 7 by Lizzie - Swedish Scrapper

Sparkle, -4 F/-20 C by Lizzie - Swedish Scrapper

I think of myself as a quilter and a collage artist. I have switched over from paper to fabric, and I can spend plenty of time just combining fabrics and colors. I love brights, lights, retros, Japanese and kitchen prints. I love linen and textures and I've just tried shot cotton too. I love quilting! Can't get enough of it!

More to consider by Lizzie - Swedish Scrapper

Evolution 2 by Lizzie - Swedish Scrapper

Entryway by Lizzie - Swedish Scrapper

Some of my first pics on Flickr were of food, and I adore the Woman's Day Encyclopedia of Cookery!

Retro cookbook pepper by Lizzie - Swedish Scrapper

Chipotle Antidote 2 by Lizzie - Swedish Scrapper

Linner 4 by Lizzie - Swedish Scrapper

And here are some things I have recently made!

Four Peppers by Lizzie - Swedish Scrapper

Fruit and Tomatoes by Lizzie - Swedish Scrapper

Tea Rainbow by Lizzie - Swedish Scrapper

I add frequently to my favorites list, so please check often in case they inspire you as much as they do me!
Also, I am in a fabulous group called 365 Days in Colour, where we take a photo every day of a certain colour, or pair of colours, for a month at a time. Doing this makes me love all colors!!!

Photos of Lizzie - Swedish Scrapper (11)

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  • 4x5 Modern Quilt Bee Fall 2013 Hive 4 by Terri in WI
  • Flirts sent by CamilaMHS
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  • Lizzie's Zakka Style Sewing Roll Green by LRstitched

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