I'm using this site to share with all my family, friends and fans the other part of my life outside of poker. I hope u all enjoy the photos as I take u along with me on my journey through life.....

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Liz Lieu is one of the most widely recognized and successful poker players in the world. Nicknamed the “Poker Diva” by other players for her style and attitude at and away from the felt. Liz is considered by her peers to be one of the best high stakes cash game players in the world. Gracing the covers of over more then thirty poker magazines, including: Card Player, DEAL, Maxim's Total Poker, Poker Pro Europe, Poker Pro France, Poker Player, Midwest Gaming & Travel, Woman Poker Player, Flush, WPT, American Poker Player, Maximal, Poker Times, and Swedish Poker Magazine. Liz is considered one of the early pioneers in the development of player branding which transcending the sport through extension into mainstream media.

Born in Vietnam to a Chinese father and a Vietnamese mother, Liz Lieu learned how to play poker at the age of 18 when she started a home game which included both Chinese tiles and poker. Liz dealt, she ran the games and played in them. Feeling as though this was her calling she began to visit a few casinos to practice her skills. After working as a dealer for some time she gained a valuable amount of experience and knowledge by watching other players and began playing herself, starting off with Chinese poker and eventually moving on to Texas Hold ‘em.

After playing in her first tournament in 2005, Liz has proven to be a formidable force in the world of tournament poker. With multiple first place titles, twelve final tables finishes and numerous television appearances in the U.S, Asia and Europe in major poker tournaments throughout the world. Liz is also well recognized for her considerable charitable activities donating 20% of all tournament winnings.

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    Zhengxin says:

    "Those who seen Liz will call her 'The Poker Diva', but those who know Liz will call her 'The Poker Angel'.
    Those who face her in the poker table will say she is aggressive, but those who face her outside the table will say she is generous.
    Don't judge her by her petite size, for her heart is as big as the ocean.
    Don't judge her by her beauty, for her beauty is much more within.
    Hope to see you soon again my friend, Singapore will always welcome you with open hands."

    January 26th, 2007

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    dazzling zebra says:

    "There is a Liz Lieu who is not "The Poker Diva." There is a Liz Lieu who's a quiet homegirl, content to bask in the interaction of family and friends. There is a smiling Liz Lieu who will lug 22-pound bags of rice from a water buffalo-drawn cart into a destitute old woman's kitchen to make sure she has enough to eat. There is a Liz Lieu who's not afraid to take on the lifelong job of caring for a child whose father has died and whose prospects seem grim. There is a Liz Lieu who passes on a double tithe as life blesses her to those whom fortune has passed by. There is a Liz Lieu who admits to her own fears, doubts and failings, but is always there with a word or gesture of comfort when others face theirs. There is a Liz Lieu who revels in the joys, works and accomplishments of others, quick to congratulate and praise. There is a Liz Lieu who extends her hand in friendship with caution, but once extended stands by her bond with the surety of a rock. There is a Liz Lieu who IS my friend, and I wouldn't trade her for any other."

    January 18th, 2007

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    John Phan says:

    You are by far the stronger and most sincere girl I've ever met. And I'm not saying it because your my best friend either. Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without you! You have treated me and been there for me more then my own family. Even though I don't say much about anything to anyone, but I will never forget all the things you have done for me and have sacrificed for our friendship. That is what I love about you buddy. You have a heart of gold and you are always willing to help everyone even if it's to your disadvantages. You so easy to communicate with and you understand exactly what I am going through, even though I may not say a word. I really admire how strong and confident you are. You are so open with everyone and it’s very genuine. Many people notice your outside beauty but what really makes you my best friend is the inside beauty you posses. Thanks buddy for being there for me whenever I’ve needed a friend to count on. Oh and Phu was right! The best word to describe you is "Loyalty"."

    December 10th, 2006

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    brianschneider says:

    "Liz Lieu...aka the poker diva. That doesn't cover it. More like Liz Lieu aka one of the most amazing people alive. I'm not quite sure its possible for anyone to have a heart as big as this beautiful lady! I've just got to know Liz over the passed few months and she has made me realize really quick how you should treat others and how you should always help the less fortunate. One day real soon Lizzy you are going to make a special guy very very happy and you will deserve to be treated like the princess that you are.

    I volunteer to be that guy. ha ha. Luv you and your big heart girl!"

    November 28th, 2006

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    Doc... says:

    The one word that comes to mind when I think about you is "Loyalty". People who do not know you judge you by your looks and automatically stereotype you....I have gotten to know you better and you are one of those special people that is not only beautiful on the outside but you are even more beautiful on the inside. For those who you truly consider as your friends, you are truly loyal giving everything.....Your smile lightens up any day, any place, any room...Thank you for letting me share your life journey with you through your wonderful pictures. I am blessed to have you consider me as one of your friends..."

    November 16th, 2006

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    Ken South says:

    "I always wanted to meet someone famous ever since i started watching Entourage on TV and this past week-end i got the opportunity to do so. I met Liz Lieu Famous Poker Diva and let me tell you! Most down to earth girl i've ever laid eyes on. I had the pleasure of being in her pressence and got a chance to know her for the short time that i was there. I actually met John "Razor" Phan too also a pretty nice guy. Liz is a very accomplished and driven individual who i would definatley put on my list of people to look upto."

    November 13th, 2006

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    haileynguyen425 says:

    "Liz just in case you've forgotten how special you are, let me remind you...

    I can not even put into words how much I cherish you and our friendship. You have done so much for me and sometimes I feel like I have done very little in comparison. I know you would never see it that way because that is just how you are--you don't keep score of your kindness because your kindness is genuine. When you care about someone, you take on their problems so they don't have to go through it alone. You are so loyal and protective of the people you hold close to you. I feel so lucky and honored that I am one of those people. You have a heart of gold and I know one day, all of your good deeds will come back to you in tenfolds. You deserve nothing but the best because you are the best. Thank you for everything--the long talks, the sympathetic shoulder, the encouragement and support, the shared tears, and the wonderful times. You are truly "priceless"--you are not only my friend...you are my sister. I love you."

    August 13th, 2006

Liz Lieu
March 2006
Las Vegas
London, Vegas, and LA, US
I am:
Pro Poker Player, Model, Entrepreneur, Ambassador for The Goodwill Treaty for World Peace, and Philanthropist
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