Apparently you should change your profile occasionally to "keep it interesting". How cheap is that? And who looks more than once?

60-plus flawed genius scared of birds. I put this down to having been a fish or an insect in a past life.

A friend's testimonial says of me, "He sees the universe in the mundane and the mundane in the universe". I aspire for that to be true.

My pet hate is wasting time and money trying to save time and money. Closely followed by the realisation that the world is filling up partly with crap and partly with people who think it is somehow "respectable" to take a job defending that. (But hey they are "just doing their job")

Contacts are persons with whom I enjoy banter, chit chat, discourse etc., and whose photostreams I like. Also, people I'm still getting to know.
Friends are very dear likeable people who I would strive never to make unhappy - possibly including relatives
Family are my rough-and-tumble cohorts - again possibly including relatives. If you are family and I cause you grief or emabarassment, let me know and I'll call you a friend instead.

Use of any image without permission will have consequences. I do not feel the obligation to be specific. Clue: unless you are on on one of my nominated contact/family/friend lists and having a bit of fun in privacy entre-nous I want PAID*. Okay?
(* Subject perhaps to negotiated exceptions. In case you have trouble understanding the term "negotiated", it involves both your asking and my agreeing)

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    GypsyFae says:

    "Danny is an excellent friend and I am glad that the Flickrverse brought us together. He is a good man to have by your side. I am sure we go back in ancient history....most likely Scottish times. There is a familiarity there. He is a great soul. He is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in, and I enjoy his political commentary. In general, I just enjoy all of his commentary. He makes me laugh. He is a breath of fresh air on Flickr. You will not be sorry (or maybe you will be) to encounter him on the interweb. Cheers to you, Danny! ~Kate"

    March 11th, 2010

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    gumbootspearlz creations - June Perkins says:

    "Danny makes intelligent and helpful comments on my photos and I enjoy looking at the world through his photographs. He sees the universe in the mundane and the mundane in the universe. He also makes me laugh and go looking for interesting subjects in my own photography adventures. Thanks Danny!"

    December 24th, 2008

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    Andreakitten says:

    "His moniker is Livhous, the Paronomeister but I would like to take an enormous liberty and name him The Universal Tonmeister.
    A Tonmeister seems to me to provide an excellent and exact description or analogy of this worthy Flickr contributor.
    A Tonmeister is a person who is a sound master (a literal translation of the German word, which applies to women equally as much as men): a person who creates recordings or broadcasts of music who is both deeply musically trained (in 'classical' and non-classical genres) and also who has a detailed theoretical and practical knowledge of virtually all aspects of sound recording. Both competencies have equal importance in a Tonmeister's work. One may say that a Tonmeister using ‘special techniques’ helps to create special experiences and illusions for both performers and listeners.
    I believe that Livhous is a social philosopher and a great Universal Tonmeister, who, by using the medium of pictures and his unique worldview, helps us see everyday things around us that would otherwise be both unnoticed and unseen. Our seeing brings thus value and appreciation into our lives.
    For that we should slap him on the back and urge him to never to stop!
    Oh and I nearly forgot, every great performer or philosopher has people who support him, so recognition and thanks must go to family and of course Mr Puff, although exactly what his contribution is, to be honest, is hard to deduce!"

    November 1st, 2008

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    The Green Odyssey says:

    "There's a wonderful dry humour at play in liv's photography and accompanying comments. He will oscillate from wonderful nature scenes to supermarket shelves. He will comment on photos of himself in new glasses and invite comments on said specs; there is never a dull moment when flicking through his work."

    November 21st, 2008

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    aJ GAZMEN ツ GucciBeaR says:


    D is one of my new fLickr friends that I've been blessed with!
    He's hilarious with his comments, but can be very nice as well... [even if plants & maybe dogs aren't too keen with his camera all up their face]
    I do worry that he'll get into trouble one day in pursuit of that picture... LOL xD just kidding...
    Thank you and keep up the great pics!


    August 25th, 2008

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    Mrs B (aka Chi) says:

    "In flickr land FAKE is cool It's the latest f***ing trend and everybody seems to be IN STYLE.
    BUT I can see the wood from the trees; and MR L is someone who I've never met but has shown via his encouraging comments and honest blog-style photo-stream; that I already know I'd jump in a car if he needed any help.

    "A good friend helps you up when you fall. A best friend pees their pants laughing, trips you again, and calls you an a**hole." (another gem from the book of Chi)

    Thankyou E x x x"

    April 25th, 2008

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    jouste says:

    "Across the Pond But Not in England!
    livhouse, the paronomeister™
    Danny the Paronmeister is also one of my oldest contacts.
    In literature and science fiction there is often that mysterious and magnetic person who is a loner-prophet-adventurer who lingers at the fringes of known reality to guard the safety of us simple and hobbits back in the Shire.
    Danny, in my opinion, is one of these.
    He has a keen political sense and a heart of gold. A burden few people are given to bear or to shirk.
    In the community, on the hiking trail, at home or business, in the halls of justice and the halls of the art world or the super market, Danny is tracking and watching to protect us from ourselves and from the Powers That Mistakenly Be so that we can go on taking our naive photos and living our quiet, mundane lives.
    All true, I swear, but I have never met anyone with so dry and accute a sense of humor and it is for that mostly that I turn to Danny.
    A true Scot planted in the wilds of Wales to play forester to our city lives he brings deep thought and criticism (the good kind) and much, much laughter.
    Don't be put off by the scowl and lowered brim of his hat, he is a fine, rosy fellow and one I am very proud to call a friend.
    Please peruse his photo stream and leave a short quip to gnaw at his ever active mind.
    Written for Sala de Luna Group."

    January 13th, 2008

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    Tequila&Donuts says:

    "livhouse is the nicest person I'll probably never meet. His photos are such a gift. I miss him terribly when he's gone."

    March 22nd, 2007

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    .MGM. says:

    "Danny has an amazingly clairvoyant way of seeing past the frame of a photo and into what it's really composed of. An awesome flickr contact!"

    January 6th, 2007

Danny Liv
July 2006
Rural Scottish Lowlands
Prestatyn, Wales