I'm 47, single (divorced since 2000....and now in the beginnings of a lovely relationship...), I have a beautiful daughter who is 26 and two grandchildren, 3 and 5. They are the light of my life!

I'm trying to envision and create what I kind of think of as a 'second life' -- as odd or cliched as that sounds. I had acute leukemia and then a bone marrow transplant. So....I was sure I was going to die and then SURPRISE!! -- I didn't! :) Funny how your priorities change in the blink of an eye when faced with a life-threatening illness. The career that was so important to me before meant absolutely nothing to me suddenly.

There is also an extremely long recovery time involved...I'm still considered to be 'recovering' two years later, because of the myriad types of medications that I'm taking. I am still 'on disability' and not working. Actually, I AM working because I've become the defacto nanny for the two grandkids. That really keeps me busy!

Anyway, I don't mention all this to get sympathy or anything... it just gives you an idea of where I'm coming from.

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March 2008
Plano, TX, USA
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