psychologist by profession; jack of all trades & master of none by nature. fractal addict. dabbler in the digital arts. photographer of anything, everything and my cats. blogger. beader. bookseller. newlywed :).

lately i've been selling images on a stock photography site. what a blast, you should try it! here's the link: .

people often ask me how i make the kaleidoscopes. for the round ones, the credit goes to flickrer jbum, who has a program online. it can be found at this link: under "software toys," click on "make your own kaleidoscope." you have to use a picture that is posted online, like one you have put on flickr. to do that, click on "all sizes" for an image and it will give you its URL. copy and paste that into the kaleidoscope-maker . . . and have fun!

for the rectangular patterns that i call "kaleiders," i use a program called Kaleider :D you can download a free trial version here (click on "try").

(i love kaleidoscopes--always have!)

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    Peter Gilbert says:

    "Oh Sweet Lisa Jay,with her flickr tools she loves to play,
    Oh Sweet Lisa Jay,do us another photo,do one today,
    Oh Sweet Lisa Jay,with your beautiful photos and colors they display,,
    Oh Sweet Lisa Jay,I got to go,I wish I could stay..."

    June 11th, 2006

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    neonlike says:

    "Whenever I need an infusion of color and fantasy, surreality and fun, and inspiration and delight, I visit SLJ's photostream. It's inevitable that I will eventually lean back in my chair and utter an amazed "Wow!!!".

    All of this...AND she's got the some of the greatest kitty pics ever shown on flickr!"

    April 15th, 2006

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    buttersweet says:

    "somehow on my first week or so on flickr, i ran into SLJ's photos. I consider myself lucky to have done so. her freeky photos have inspired me to be a little offbeat myself. her use of color is perfect and her designs make me want to try to copy them in my embroidery.

    she was my first introduction to photoshop miracles and a whole new world.

    i can't thank you enough lj."

    November 17th, 2005

Lisa Jewell
June 2005
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