When I was in 5th grade, I bought a used John Nagy Art Set from my cousin at a yard sale. I made her promise that she'd show me how to use all the stuff in it, which included pastels, charcoal, sketching pencils, blending stumps, etc. She agreed. As she began to describe the kneaded eraser to me, she cautioned me that, "...this won't work unless you knead it." I was confused; I didn't understand. Sensing my confusion, she reworded her explanation. "You have to knead it before it will work." I was really confused now; my fifth-grade brain was full of questions: "If I need it, why wouldn't it work? How does the eraser know when you need it?" Well, I'm happy to say that I'm well past fifth grade now, and that I can deftly use a kneaded eraser. Especially when I need it. :)


I’ve had some level of drawing ability for as long as I can remember. I feel most like the real me when I’m drawing or painting. I do art because I love the feel of creating, the simultaneous excitement and calm it bestows, and because I am being true to this curiously wonderful ability, in whatever measure, that was given me. My goal is to someday be instruct others in watercolor by writing books and conducting workshops.


I approach a painting with anticipation and excitement, never expecting a “masterpiece” but always hoping for something that conveys some level of competence. I begin a work by creating a few thumbnail sketches to familiarize myself with the scene and to work out values and compositional possibilities. I create a sketch in pencil or ink and then start laying down some fresh artist-quality pigment. I use Holbein, Daniel Smith, and Maimeri Blu artist-quality paints. I prefer to use brushes that are a sable/synthetic blend; Winsor Newton’s Sceptre Gold II is my favorite line. I often work from photographs; however, I greatly enjoy plein air work as well. Artists who have influenced me include Danny Gregory, Anne Elsworth, David R. Becker, Joseph Stoddard, Tom Lynch, Charles Reid, and Cathy (Kate) Johnson.


My current work is typified by landscapes, my favorite subject; I’m drawn to all landscapes, but especially to mountains and pastoral scenes of rolling hills. I’ve recently been exploring the portrait and the figure and am eager to gain some expertise in this area; I participate in a local life-drawing group to keep my observational skills sharp.


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