Will be sharing images taken from dawn to dusk, as I wander, usually through the city. A few things you or I might have had trouble finding: this blank space graphic, which I use for formatting purposes and my first post to my new homegroup, posted under the title "What's the Plan, Boss?" - up, but oddly enough, not visible from the main page on the Assembly Area group, when one is logged out. I'll have to look into that, because it is in the pool.


I will be doing some journaling on Flickr, associated with this account. In addition to the aforementioned Assembly Area group, which serves as my main journal on Flickr, on which I discuss the images in my photostream with which I am the most pleased, I have a few other bloglike groups of one. There is the Warehouse group, in which I talk about my less successful efforts, and more utilitarian images, eg. the blank space graphic, which I use to format text on Flickr. I have a bookmarking journal, on which I celebrate the work of others on Flickr and talk about what I learned from it, and a moderation journal, with a mirror on Blogger, on which I talk about the decisions I've made moderating my groups on Flickr.

I've created a few groups which someday, somebody might even join: Surrealistic Fiction, Art and Photography (fairly self-explanatory), The Red Eye (a group focused on very late night living and photography in urban areas), and Liqueur Making, along with a few companion groups. If you'd like to be notified when I've uploaded new images to my photostream or marked some more photos as favorites, you can mark me as a contact on Flickr - I might not reciprocate, but I almost certainly won't object - or you can subscribe to one of the updating services I use.

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