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    saralonde says:

    "Seeing how long Kristy and I have been flickr friends, it has taken me way too long to write this. From the first time I saw her pictures, I knew something special was happening. Her light-filled photographs speak of romance and softness, simplicity and sunshine. Kristy stays true to her feelings and is so in touch with her style that it comes through in all her images. I am inspired daily by her work and count her as one of my true flickr friends ♥"

    December 25th, 2010

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    Sarah J Gardner says:

    "I just adore Kristy's stream its like a daydream of beautiful hues and ideas. Feminine and soft. Her butterfly and floral shots are magical and she has inspired me to be more creative with colour processing. Thanks you so much for being here on Flickr and sharing your art."

    January 29th, 2010

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    bomobob says:

    "Kristy has the amazing ability to turn everyday scenes into soft, flowing works of art. She not only has the gift of being able to "see" things as they are, but also to imagine them even better than they look in real life, which is not an easy feat."

    December 17th, 2009

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    Kristine May. says:

    "one of the best photographers ever !

    thank you for the inspiration (:"

    September 11th, 2009

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    City of Blackbirds says:

    "kirsty is one of the most inspiring photographers i've come across on flickr, her work never fails to delight (i fave just about everything lol). her stream is the essence of beauty - delicate, colourful, soft and pretty work that collectively creates a dreamlike world full of fairytale colours and gentle light. her flower shots are endlessly creative and so very soothing.

    there is a wonderful sense of otherworldly romance in her stream, i find it hard to leave! truly a talented photographer with stunning originality and a fantastic sense of beauty in her work ♥"

    June 9th, 2009

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    Sarai | Fotography says:

    "Kristy is a fabulous photographer. She has the eye for beauty. I loooooove the way she edits her photos. Amazing, really. Truly amazing. :)"

    May 24th, 2009

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    KimFearheiley says:

    "Kristy is a very talented photographer. I truly look forward to visiting her photostream everyday. She has created her very own unique style that can not be duplicated. Her simplicity, soft tones and amazing light continues to amaze me. I absolutely love her photography.

    Kristy has become a wonderful friend and I am so glad our paths have crossed here on Flickr. xoxo"

    May 23rd, 2009

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    rachel.am says:

    "Kristy is a very talented photographer. Her still life shots are some of my favorites on Flickr. I love her style - I can tell it's a Kristybee photo just by looking at the thumbnail. Her use of light and color is amazing! Kristy's work never ceases to amaze and inspire me."

    April 7th, 2009

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    kalairk says:

    "Ok. I put things off. I should have written this amazing photographer/mother a testimonial a year ago when I first met (would you call it met online? Dorky?) her and fell in love with her fantastic style and work. But I didn't because as stated before; I put things off.

    Kristybee's work is the softest, prettiest and most peaceful stuff I've seen in a long time. And I'm normally the dark & mysterious type of shot lover here. But her photos make me wanna open my bedroom windows, put a vase full of peonies in the sill and do nothing but sip tea.

    She rocks; you'll dig her work. And not only that but she is so kind and generous with her comments; making her a true asset to the Flickr world!


    April 7th, 2009

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    clairepennphoto says:

    "As overdue as can be... that's me. :) Kristy I am in love with pretty much every single one of your photos! As others have said, your ability to make everything look stunningly beautiful is amazing... even a tray of eggs, for heaven's sake! You are a magician with light and I hope one day I can learn a little of how you do it and bring some of that magic to my own work. Thank you for being a huge inspiration to me and for being a wonderful friend. Never ever stop what youre doing! Much love, Claire xoxox"

    March 31st, 2009

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    mslori411 (Flickr break) says:

    "This testimonial is soo long overdue it's rediculous ;)

    Kristy is such a huge inspiration to me! I fall in love with her photos more and more everyday. I keep telling her she needs to teach me how she can make something so simple look extraordinary :) She has such a way with light and tones. It amazes me! I think she needs to write a tutorial for me lol ;)

    She's not only an awesome photographer but also such a sweet person. I am so happy to have met her here on Flickr. I always look forward to reading her comments on my stream because they are always so encouraging and sweet. :)

    Thank you Kristy for being such a great friend and for sharing your gorgeous work with me. You really are the best! Hugs! xoxo"

    March 21st, 2009

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    Leaca's Philosophy says:

    "Kristybee's photography is fresh, clean, and peaceful. Her stream is where I go when I want to sit back, relax, and be inspired. Her style is filled with light and all things beautiful."

    March 10th, 2009

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    spidy_cc says:

    "her flower shots are almost as beautiful as her SP.....
    she has a unique style that is graceful beautiful gentle all rapped up into one ....take time to discover this amazing stream......and along the way get to know this amazing women and see what a wonderful friend she could be to you also....hurry up the show is selling out rather fast...MWAAAAAAAAAAAA..thanks for beeing you my friend.."

    February 20th, 2009

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    teresa~ says:

    "Kristy's stream is a complete delight. It is filled with beauty and light and she has the ability to make even the simplest things look so amazing.

    I am so happy that we recently became acquainted and I look forward to more stunning work from her. xo"

    February 6th, 2009

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    ♥moorz84♥ says:

    "Kristy, your images are so beautiful, calming and sophisticated!!! I look forward to viewing your fantastic images while drinking my afternoon java! Thanks for making my days so special, Mary"

    February 5th, 2009

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    Manlio Castagna says:

    "she is a poet. she draws with the light and she writes verses with the images. Kristy whispers with her photos. kristy makes you dream with her pale gorgeous hypnotic visions.Everyday a touch of purity and exquisite art. i love her album."

    January 30th, 2009

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    *Peanut (Lauren) says:

    "I've only known Kristy for a couple of months on flickr but she has become one of my fave photographers. As we both love still life, I really look to her for inspiration.

    When I think of light and natural beauty...I think of her stream. Kristy has a particular point of view which I adore and I wish she could come decorate my house! lol. It makes me happy to look at her work. Her colors and light are very soothing and sophisticated -- and I go to her stream to breathe a little better. :D

    I am so glad that I found your stream...thank you for the beauty everyday.

    xoxo, Lauren (01.27.09)"

    January 27th, 2009

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    Kiwi_GaL says:

    "when i think of light and serene, Kristy's stream is the first that comes in mind.

    I can't even express how much i admire her beautiful work.
    her light sense and composition is superb, and visiting her stream always brighten my day.

    thank you so much for being such an inspiration to us all and giving us the pleasure to admire your work! xoxo"

    January 19th, 2009

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    milki.c says:

    "I will admire Kristy's work always. She is such a delight.

    ( Keepin' it sweet and simple! )"

    January 19th, 2009

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    Eliza Boo says:

    "I can truly say that Kristy fills my day with light and beauty - each day I look forward to her wonderful images, and am never disappointed. How appropriate that it was Kristy who began the group Cornea Burn - a true celebration of light without which we would all be as nothing. A photographer with a true eye for beauty, a friend who inspires - what more can I add?"

    January 14th, 2009

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    chiappaintta (www.chiapaintpics.com) says:

    "Oh my dearest Kristy, one of my oldest Flickr friends. Can you believe it’s been almost a year? Just look how far you’ve come and how many adore you. That’s no surprise. For me, your work, your portraits, your method pulled an instant attraction. Then I was gifted the opportunity to get to know you bit by bit. It’s been such a pleasure and everyday I look forward to your posts and to see your creativity bloom as beautifully as the flowers you capture. Your eclectic style, your warmth and beautiful personality shimmers as brilliantly as burning bokeh. Someday we’ll meet and chat over a nice cup of tea, just you and me…..please remember to bring your nifty 50….we can get trigger happy!

    January 8th, 2009

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    .fulvio says:

    "Kristybee is the Queen (with a capital "Q") of Light (capital, too :-)). Each time I browse her photostream I feel the Light. As someone wrote before, she is also the owner of the "magic window". Everything is possible when framed by the "magic window", you should take a look at it and by it ;-)
    Big hugs Kristy."

    January 8th, 2009

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    slcook52 (Sylvia) says:

    "When I first saw Kristy's images, I thought "now there is a girl after my own heart". She has the true essence of simplicity and light in her still lifes.
    She owns the magic bokeh window, and produces beautiful, timeless, classy and elegant pieces of art.
    Each and every one of them would make a gorgeous wall hanging, and I love all the softness and pastels.

    I look forward every day to your posts Kristy, and wonder what will be in the window next!
    Thanks for being a great contact, putting a smile on my face, and feeding my love of shabby chic!

    xoxo Sylvia"

    December 30th, 2008

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    A life in focus* says:

    "It is Christmas eve and I have already opened one of my gifts...when I visited Kristy's photostream. Such beautiful light captured in each one of her images starts my day off on just the right note. Kristy is a talented artist who seeks the light and shares it when she finds it. Thank you for making my days brighter...and for being a supportive flickr friend."

    December 24th, 2008

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    Grant MacDonald says:

    "Life is busy and complicated, but I have a place to go that is peaceful, refreshing, quiet and full of wonderful light and fresh images that feed my soul and renew my spirit. Kristy’s photostream is nothing short of an oasis. It is a place to stop and drink in elegance and simplicity. Here you will find clean, fresh colours that never overpower. Instead, they gently wash over you like a spring morning. Kristy’s images are full of gorgeous natural light and she truly is the bokah queen. Magical, fresh, nostalgic, timeless, hopeful, quiet, beautiful, creative, and life-giving—that’s how I describe the images I find here. Thanks for the beauty Kristy and for being such a great Flickr friend."

    December 23rd, 2008

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    Sunset Sailor says:

    "I don’t write many testimonials, and I’ll admit that I owe a couple more. Every so often I am moved to express my feelings for a special Flickr photographer and/or artist. So, with that in mind, I find myself here, in the stream of my friend Kristy. I first discovered her work through her comments on another friend’s stream. In the beginning, she was posting a few self portraits. That alone would be enough to convince anyone to follow her stream. But she changed. She followed her inspirations and began to experiment with other styles and ideas. Though I could have lived on her self portraits alone, I was impressed with the direction she was taking and the work she was starting to produce. Soon I was not alone and she drew in hoards of fans, which she maintains today. People began to flock to her message. Her work was getting better and better and she was leaving a message of happiness and joy all over Flickr. Her images today are so uplifting and her work just continues to improve. Kristy has definitely crossed into the magical realm of art. Currently she loves bokeh images and I think she, herself, adds a beautiful bokeh to Flickr. All that would be enough, but in addition she has a fun loving and wonderful personality that makes everyone stop in to visit her morning posts, just to say hi and have a cup of coffee. I am SO lucky to count her among my friends."

    December 17th, 2008

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    Norma*Iriz* says:

    "Kristy is one of the best photographers I know on flickr. She has found her theme in photography and it fits her beauty with elegance and softness. Kristy has been a loyal flickr fan to me and I thank her. Her eye for photography and skills with processing photos inspires me to find my niche."

    December 10th, 2008

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    Reiffhaus (Steppin It Up!!) says:

    "Kristy has been a flickr friend since nearly the beginning of my flickr membership. I have seen her art and style evolve beyond my own. When I first met Kristy she used all automatic settings on her camera, and since has mastered her camera. Kristy has a special talent for self portraits and for giving all her pic's a soft, pastel, mysterious feel. Kristy's work is always uplifting to me, and I find myself looking forward to her next post, and miss them when she doesn't.
    Kristy has been a wonderful flickr friend that always lights up my day."

    December 8th, 2008

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    .Kels. says:

    "How on earth does she do it? She always finds the best light....takes the simplist of things and makes them pure magic. Kristy is such a talent....I find myself pushing that little pink star whenever I'm on her stream.

    As someone who is primarily a "kid photographer" I really admire her still life shots and am so inspired by her work. You own the light girl!!! xoxo"

    December 2nd, 2008

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    Sarah Ann Wright says:

    "The lady is a 50mm whizz! She uses the most simple of subjects (her little window is beautiful!) and turns them into absolutely wonderful bokeh delights! Her self portraits are also beautiful, and it's something about the way she processes all her images...they all have the lovely soft tones and pastel colours that are uniquely her own style.
    Oh and she's a very sweet dear as well, and knows I am so jealous of her hair! :)"

    November 1st, 2008

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    daiseedeb says:

    "Sunshine, sky, light, sparkly, pure, clean, joyous, calm, uplifting, fresh, delicious, exceptional. Kristybee in a nutshell! Thank you for sharing your exquisite talent, Kristy! You make my day! ; )"

    September 14th, 2008

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    Yvette Inufio says:

    "Kristy, You have been such an inspiration to me...

    September 13th, 2008

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    Silvie Murrey says:

    "Kristy is, without a doubt, my best friend on Flickr. Without her input and inspiring work, I would never have achieved as much as I feel I have in the six months I have been endeavouring to become a photographer. Everything she posts seems to burst with sunshine and beauty. Kristy is just so damn stylish and classy in all her work, her stunning self portraits and carefully composed stills. I am amazed by her eye for a tasteful detail; a beautiful piece of china, a crisp napkin or an elegant knife handle. Why on earth is she not off working for a top lifestyle magazine or being the Face of Channel? I’m so glad she is here…being a Flickr Goddess instead."

    September 4th, 2008

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    cre8iveaddiction says:

    "Liquid sunshine pours from the photstream of this amazing little photographer. Kristy's photostream is a constant source of awe and inspiration for me an many, many others. I love to watch her cycle through different trends in her own photography. Her current obsessions quickly become my own. She's an amazingly beautiful woman, sweet friend, and devoted lover of nature...the whole package!"

    August 17th, 2008

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    ♥ honeybee photography ♥ says:

    "Wow where to start! Kristy's work is beyond stunning-her use of color, texture, and light is amazing! She is so creative, talented, and has such a classic beauty."

    April 22nd, 2008

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    Nikko Myers says:

    "Kristybee's creativeness never ceases to amaze me... In one word - Wow. It covers her ability to setup, take the shot, and work the post process..."

    April 19th, 2008

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    ♥Amy Louise says:

    "lily is a wonderful photographer and is a lovely person and is a very inspiring lady :) its great to know her!"

    April 14th, 2008

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