"For the photographer," Constantine Manos reflects, "neighborhoods and institutions and public events are only abstractions until the camera captures the individual people who breathe life into them. Going out into the city with a small camera and making hundreds of pictures of people doing hundreds of things is a dizzying odyssey. It's like gathering the bits of an intimate mosaic: even in thousands of photographs, it is impossible to fit all the bits together. They are fragments, suggestions of the myriad human moments in the daily life of a great city."



john h. white:

"Anybody can walk around with a camera in their pocket. You could give a camera to an animal. But the photographer, the photojournalist captures the soul. You can't just walk into a tragic situation or a sacred situation and be the hotshot person because you have a camera in the hand. No, it doesn't work that way. Great photographs take themselves, but the photojournalist has to be there and recognize it. ... The photojournalist is that person who sees through a different set of eyes: the eyes of the heart, eyes of history. Capture something that is forever. And you know that when you're doing it."




excerpt from an interview with Hal Buell, former head of the associated press photography service [ link ]


"Do you know John White in Chicago? John White is a Pulitzer Prize winner. He won the Pulitzer Prize for his collection of vignettes. And he just has an eye for that kind of thing. Some photographers have that, and some don’t. Many don’t. It’s a much more difficult kind of journalism to practice on a day to day basis, a lot of times you just stumble into it. Talk about serendipity, that’s where serendipity becomes the governing factor as just one of several factors. But John has a great feel for that, he’s a marvelous photographer. And a very sensitive fellow, and just a beautiful human being. And it shows in his photography, his personality comes through in his photography. There’s no way you can tell people how to do that, that’s something that’s in their heart and soul. It’s something that comes out in their pictures. Those are things that, you can’t define them, you can’t write them down. If you could, we’d all be doing them."


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labels i'll accept: itenerant, photographer, dirtbag.

i use flickr like we used contact sheets in photo school. some sets are huge (100+ pics) because they are a place for friends to dive deep into the experience of an event i shot, or just to search for a picture of themselves; sometimes it's a place for editing down before creating a final story. i like flickr because it's community.


some places i've been living: chicago, chapel hill, new orleans.

some things i've been doing: n.krebill.org (portfolio), angola 3 grassroots, unsophisticated, keep-hope.org.

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