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I Promise.....
China pt II
To find freedom in a country full of chains
requires the skill of a pick pocket
Pulling burdens from shoulders and hips
to reveal the soft touch
that only innocence
and laughter may bring

Has all this been forgotten
in the dust of your dead and dying?
Has 5000 years of bodies
crushed into the earth
beneath each new generation
made you ignore your future
or your past?

Each day...
We are eating your ancestors
and drinking the blood of your young

Have I said too much already?

Not for those that know the depths of oceans
or have seen birds circling the stars

I want you back
I need to smell your sickness again
and step over children
with jobs to collect our sanity
in cupped hands and bowls of tin


A land where life is lived in moments
and the food will always taste
of wood or metal
I have seen this before
and will return until my eyes bulge with reverence
and my ears sing the songs of blind men

This time...

I promise to speak to you
My words, you may not know
but still, to be rarer than silence
is a mistake I will not repeat
This is better for us
to communicate even without understanding
To walk through streets of glass and brick
where behind walls treasures are kept
from those that made them
and women sell their bodies
for pieces of your soul

This time will be different...

I promise

I will not again awaken each day
surrounded by a city of strangers
but instead, laugh and turn to replace them with you
Our only dance will be with hands held high
and the spirits and smoke of nations far away
will not replace you now

This time your gifts are for me alone
and I will receive them

I will wrap you in silks
and brush the knots from your hair
You will welcome me with incense
and lead me to the tops of mountains...

Summits that only wait
for feet to make them real

This time, we will be together...

I promise

~Ian Sands '05


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    `Mazz says:

    "diligently supplying us with expanding skill and vision. this is the making of a legend."

    September 7th, 2008

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    Fa.bian says:

    "When I visited his stream the first time his photographs made my body to produce goose bumps...If you know what I mean. His photographs are really "Life images". Thank you for sharing your art on Flickr, it is a real pleasure to browse your magic life through photographs!"

    June 30th, 2007

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    jijis says:

    "beautiful world i see from his photos.
    beautiful life i feel from his photos.
    minute shoot, wonderful colour....i like the moment when seeing his brilliant photos....just check them. now!!!!"

    June 23rd, 2007

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