I write stuff and people pay me to do so. I take photos to get away from words.

If you want a quick overview of what I like among my photos, here's a set specifically for that.

Most of the time your HDR image looks ridiculous. Here is a good explanation.

Don't tell me to "View Photo On Black". If I want the lightbox I can hit "L" myself, thank you very much.

Photos of people on their mobiles or shots of people's backs are examples of shitty street photography. Grow a pair and stop that crap. You have failed.

Why do people post previous/post photos in your own comments? If I like the photo I can look at your photostream for the next/previous photo. It's not hard. Stop trying to make me look at your stuff. The only exception to this is if you're making a reference to another photo that's NOT next to the current one in the photostream.

People who hide their EXIF data are idiots.

And the "Flickr Award" is ridiculous. Every time I see "This photo is a good sample in the flickr," I want to vomit.

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June 2006
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