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Born 132 years ago from the mind of Melvil Dewey, Library Journal remains the oldest publication in the library field. Maintaining its cred on the street over the course of 13 decades, LJ is read today by more than 100,000 library directors, administrators, librarians and staffers, hipsters and traditionalists alike.
Between the print magazine and, LJ's comprehensive coverage includes analytical news and features ranging from gadget-geek technology to the nitty-gritty of boardroom policy.
LJ's Book Review weighs in on nearly 7000 books annually, from the seemingly obscure to Harry's Deathly Hallows, along with hundreds of audiobooks, videos, databases, graphic novels, zines, magazines and just about anything else your library collects to serve the community.

PUBLICATIONS: Library Journal, netConnect, Movers & Shakers, Library by Design, Críticas, Gold Book, LJ Reference
AWARDS: Library of the Year, Best Small Library in America, Paraprofessional of the Year, Politician of the Year, LJ Teaching Award, Movers & Shakers

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