We are a company based in Leyland(odd considering the name Leyland Valeting Centre, but hear us out), who specialize in valeting cars, cleaning cars, storing cars, and a majority of other things car related.

We are sponsored by the Civic Cup who we visit on a monthly basis and when we do go we take a lot of pictures of the races, drivers and cars involved.

Most of what you will see on here will be cars we valet on a day to day basis, some ranging from every day cars up to Bugatti Veyrons(we'll get around to that). From our endeavours at the museum you will see a lot of vintage old cars, and from the Civic Cup, you will find a lot of non casual, but cars optimized for racing.

We hope we didn't bore you with our introduction and hope you enjoy our pictures of cars.

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Leyland Valeting Centre
June 2015
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