I am a self taught, aspiring jewelry artist who loves anything and everything about the art of creation. I have been working with metals and my acetylene torch for almost 10 years now and have not blown up the garage or burned off my eyebrows yet, so I'm heading in the right direction. I also really enjoy taking pics but wish there were 376 hours in the day so I could actually get to it.

Oh yeah...and I tremendously detest my dead end boring desk job and spend most of the day finding ways to distract myself by doodling/sketching, making sculptures out of anything and everything I can find, drinking lots of coffee, and making my coworkers laugh. I would be extremely dangerous if I actually concentrated on my work, but that's not going to happen since it bores me to tears.

I have a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine, I enjoy getting tattooed, I'm an eternal optimist, I have an over-active imagination and terrible ADD which throws me in every which direction, I consider my mind to be my own worst enemy, I have an uncanny knack to spell almost any word (how can I capitalize on THAT?!), I like making people laugh, and I am in a perpetual power struggle with my wild and crazy curly hair. Oh, and my quirky, sometimes way-out-there Aquarian nature makes me dream I'm the moon.

And..last but not least....nothing makes me happier than to see and feel a piece of my soul in everything I create.

Please check out my designs at www.lexiejewel.com

as well as: lexiejewel.etsy.com
and also: www.facebook.com/lexiejewel

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Kimberley Gordon
March 2006
Westchester, NY, USA
I am:
Smashfire Designs
lexiejewel [at] yahoo.com