My name is Levi Leon Boree,
I type extremely slow.
so i am using a program that converts speech into text.
I never thought I could right something like this
Because I grew up with a learning disability called dyslexia.
Basically it tries to inhibit me from being able to interpret written language.
i also have truble remembering long combinations of symbols and the direction they are expected to face,

It's hard to admit but I still don't know my left from my right,
Without using the little trick I came up with to remind me,
I pretend to hold a pencil in each hand, whichever hand feels more comfortable
is my left hand, because that is the one I write with,

most of my teachers just thought I was dumb,
so they classafide me as uneducated,
and I did not get the satisfaction of graduating,
or the peace of paper that is needed to get a job.

why? Because I can't tell you what 1,357 + y =
Or don't know the history of George Washington,
or Because I can’t spell poloticks.
Does the government think that I will make money
Winning Spelling B’s ?
Or just sitting there solving long math problems? With no calculator?
Or win money on game shows answering history questions?

I always thought they needed a class called danger
Where they teach you about the many dangers of the world
And how to avoid them,, wouldn't that be usefull.
It would save many lives

Instead they fill the space in our heads With other information,
turning us in to human calculators and copy machines,,

But lucky for me my brain would not classify this coded information
as Important enough to save it to my long term memory.

So you can imagine I got pretty bored.
I found my self drawing on things Like the desk and books
but I soon found out that the teachers didn't like that

or when they told us to take notes I would quickly scratch out little pictures
to remind me of the answers, this worked great.i Aced many tests useing that tecneak
but when the teacher caught me, they would take my notes, crumble them up,
and tell me this was unacceptable. this went on for years,
it really made me feel dumb, Until my mom found this book called "The Gift of Dyslexia"
and the words within it made me feel a lot better about my situation.
I shared almost all the characteristics of a dyslexic child.
I also learned that dyslexia actually has more positive benefits than negative ones,
and that I was very capable of learning with the right teaching methods.
Even though I never made it to high school, The difference in an artist is not in the hand, it's in the My mind has grown to impress me,
my dyslexia gives me super creative abilities,
however I am somewhat mentally disorganized at times.
my visual imagination is superb,
it sometimes blows me AWAY,

I have visualized things in my mind that I could never explain in words,
some insanely realistic others very abstract,
It is hard to control what I see.

at age 10 or so I used to close my eyes just to watch, what I called…
(the battle of the dots), it was WHEN RED white and blue dots
seemed to march across my field of vision,
towards each other in straight lines and in triangular formations,
when the dots would finally merge,
they would change color AND DIRECTION,
I loved it, But I don't see them anymore,
They must have been a phase in my mental development.
my visuals now are more complex, through my visual studying.
memorization of light and sound,
I believe that art and psychedelic drugs have enhance my ability to imagine.
now i can build new images in my mind, Using my memory of light
To create something that i have never seen
And imagine music that I've never heard is
It is absolutely amazing!!!!!
What our mind is capable of,You have the ability to create your own universe.
The better your imagination, the more detailed your universe will be.

I have experienced amazing music playing inside my head,
It's crazy !! One of life's greatest gifts to me.

its not just some song I heard that got stuck in my head,
This is a unique orchestra of unheard instruments,
Sometimes it's not even instrument, more like earthly sound with specal FX,

Playing so fast and technical, that it could never be played by anyone.
It is literally the best music I've ever heard in my life.
It would make Mozart roll over in his grave,
yet I am the only one to witness it.

I have tried to recreate it, but it never turn out right,
Because for some reason my hands play a different song than my imagination.
I end up with good music, but it is not how I imagined it,

Dyslexic is a great thing to be.

there are many levels of Dyslexia. some people are so severely dyslexic
they can't remember how to tie there own shoe
but because they store so little information
in there brain, there is a lot of free space,
giving there brain more room to use for the other brain functions, like imagination

Dyslexia is said to be a learned behavior, I think that by over studying
there visual surroundings a child is unknowingly enhancing there imagination.

so it must be possible to enhance your creative abilities
through the right teaching methods. art is the best subject of study
but I am not talking about the history of art I am talking about visually studying
many different styles of abstract art And each piece will slightly enhance
your visual imagination, by remembering these arrangements of light,
We have more mental material to work with While we are imagining.

Imagination is the most important brain function we have,
it is why humans have changed the world.
We have this amazing ability to build things in our head
that don't even exist

I believe our ability to do this is based on the visual challenges We have encountered in life.

As a child before I ever made my first painting, I use to take a paint brush
and plain water and brush out elaborate pictures on the side of our house,
every where the water touched became darker,
when I was done I would sit back
and watch it distort as the water dried unevenly,
but within 15 minutes it would dry up
and disappear never to be seen by anyone but me,
most people would say I was wasting my time,
but I know that doing things like that, are what helped shape
this amazing brain I feel inside me,

Why am I so different!!

It is hard to admit because I try so hard to hide it,
but I am a very strange individual,
When I get alone I often think out loud. verbalizing the voices in my head.
I ask myself a lot of questions, and Give myself a lot of answers,
I am often surprised that I know the answer To things I have not yet learned,
In other words, I did not know the answer, Until I asked myself the question,
and sometimes i even carry on conversations with people that are not even around,

But I have a theory to justify my behavior.

I believe that the people who talk to them selves
develop better verbal communication skills
Than the people who think silently
every one knows practice makes perfect.

However, I do plenty of silent thinking as well, I daydream alot,

As a child, when I rode the bus to school,
I would entertain myself by imagining
That I had a fast remote control car,
That I steered alongside the bus,
Blazing down sidewalks, Jumping ditchies, doing tricks
And driving underneath other vehicles
Is it really made the time fly by

However if someone saw me operating that invisible remote control,
While stairing out the window
They would probably think I was mentally retarded,
But they would be the ones lacking the mental ability to understand.

I was also distracted in class by my imagination.
I was frequently visited by imaginary animals,
Like many hamsters walking in straight lines, one behind the other,
With larger hamsters in the front and smallre hamsters Towards the back of the lined.

I wanted to pick them up but I did not want anyone to see me,

so I would stretch out my leg, like a small bridge
so they could march up into my lap and on to the desk.

It was hard enough to focus on my work anyway.
It was impossible with like ten hamsters on my desk.

The difference in an artist is not in the hand,
it's in the mind.

i Want to change the world, one mind at a time,
Leaving some type of good impact on the future of life.

I want to help the world enhance there imaginations,
And make life a little better for every one,

Because I have a theory on creativity.
I believe creative people have more fun,

If you would like to learn more about this
And many other important life changing subjects

I am almost done writing an amazing book

Called ( The art of living life right).
witch will be available in 2011

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