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A s c e n t *C o n t r a s t *M o n u m e n t a l *W i l lC l a s s yGone!Howling

"Sometimes, a picture is worth more than a 1000 words"
......this is my ultimate goal, this is what I am trying to achieve every time... I click !

I know, I won't reach my goal all the time but I keep trying and I keep enjoying the challenge!

I am an amateur, my studio is my camera and it could be anywhere. For me, the ordinary doesn't exist..... life and nature are a constant stimulus and a source of nourishment for my creative mind.

As Henri Cartier Bresson once said : "To photograph is to hold one's breath, when all faculties converge to capture fleeting reality. It's at that precise moment that mastering an image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy."....and I totally agree!

To conclude, I want to thank you in advance for your can be assured that I read each and everyone of them and that they are very important for me.

Hoping that my pictures will please your eyes and your mind as much as I had fun capturing them!

Best regards and see you virtually,

Imapix....... Gaëtan

I apologize if I don't add everyone as a contact, time prevents me from doing so, not willingness.

If you are interested in buying my images...just drop me a note at: or a flickrmail.

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PS: © All rights reserved.
Be aware that all photography and content are copyright © Gaëtan G. Bourque. All rights are reserved world wide. Use without permission is illegal. None of these photographs may be reproduced and/or used publicly in any way without the written permission of Gaëtan G. Bourque. If you are interested in using my pictures, please contact me
By the way you can also visit my brother photostream.....he has plenty of superb images!

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    * Ahmad Kavousian * says:

    "Gaëtan ..... he is a man of nature his dreamlike works most of the times take me away from busy city life to snow covered planes, peaceful golden sunset in a lake or to the party of deers in the middle of nowhere.
    He is a great photographer who knows how to talk to animals and trees, who knows the secrets of colors in the nature, he is a poet."

    February 3rd, 2010

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    Hot Flash Photography says:

    "Unique is the only way to describe Gaëtan's photography. Somehow he manages through a simple, unfussed with photo to write his signature all over it. Every shot holds a small fairy tale that is his and his alone. Thank you, Gaëtan, for you little fairy tales - they are truly inspiring and beautiful."

    December 30th, 2009

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    Lani Barbitta says:

    "You Sir, are my absolute favorite artist here on flickr! Your images are so soulful and full of life. I adore how you capture light and the sights around you. Simply one Class A Photographer you are! Thank you for sharing your gift with us all! :-)))"

    September 16th, 2009

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    a.otge says:

    "Merveilleux travail, très belles couleurs, sujets excelents !!

    comment dire... c'est parfait :-)"

    August 17th, 2009

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    Fabio Tieri says:

    "the talent lives here!

    high quality is what I see in everything we publish, master the art of photography, inspires me to see so much beauty in your images.

    I am often without words to describe the beauty of your photos.

    continue with their works wonderful.

    for many years I hope I pass through here and when you open your delight flickr!

    congratulations on talent friend!"

    January 15th, 2009

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    Le nai says:

    "imapix has a stunning eye for photography, the way he captures colours is something that amazes me deeply.
    Ive spent quite some time looking at his stream and trust me, it is something worth watching.
    Please keep uploading more of this incredible material, because i will be surely waiting for it!

    Best Regards,

    Ignacio from Argentina"

    December 11th, 2008

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    Louis Laliberté Photographie says:

    "Les photos de Gaëtan sont vraiment merveilleuse, elle nous plonge directement dans un rêve tant par c'est couleurs que leur compositions. Gaëtan continu de nous faire rêver tu est un excellent photographe à mes yeux et un " Master " de la photographie numérique....

    Louis Laliberté"

    December 5th, 2008

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    P. Richard  says:

    "Pour votre savoir faire et votre génie en matière de prise de vue et de traitement numérique, vous êtes source d'inspiration de plusieurs photographe. Continuer à nous émerveiller !!!"

    October 30th, 2008

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    Shari DeAngelo says:

    "Looking through Gaëtan Bourque's imagery is like taking a drink of the freshest water possible. It's cool, pure, vibrant and always refreshing. I'm pretty sure it's good for me too."

    October 20th, 2008

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    tinkerrrbell says:

    "Truly a magical photographer! Each and every pic of him deserves to be faved! :)"

    August 6th, 2008

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    MaureenShaughnessy says:

    "Whenever I need a boost to my spirit I head over to Gaëtan's set of animal portraits. Gaëtan is a master photographer who captures the true essence of the creatures with whom we share this planet.

    So many of us -- humans -- live in urban areas with very little connection to wilderness and wild creatures. Maybe we forget to stay aware of that wildness that could inspire us to be more nurturing of our Earth home. Even people who live in rural areas may never have the privilege to see -- up close and personal -- the kind of animals Gaëtan photographs. Or the kind of amazing expressiveness he captures.

    It is through Gaëtan's generosity -- and through the generosity of so many excellent photographers on Flickr -- that we will remember what life all over the planet is really like. And will take to heart the urgent call to protect all of life.

    Thank you for always sharing your talents and vision with the rest of us on Flickr, Gaëtan. It is folks like you who make Flickr such a wonderful community. Not just for eye candy, but for changing our lives as well."

    February 25th, 2008

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    Today is a good day says:

    "In the three years I have known Gaëtan he has consistently produced images of the most stunning quality. His eye for composition and colour is not just the best on Flickr - but among the best of any photographer I can think of.

    If you ever need to be uplifted, if you ever want to experience being in awe of pure, natural photographic talent - simply visit his photostream (or, better still, play his "My Expressions" slideshow!).

    I very much hope that we get the opportunity to meet in person one day so that I can offer more personal thanks for all of the inspiration and sheer joy of amazing imagery he shares with us here."

    February 23rd, 2008

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    Florenceenautomne says:

    "Gaétan est un photographe extraordinaire ici, et certainement un de mes préférés. Ses photos sont bien plus encore qu'un hommage à la nature. C'est une ode à la vie, à ses beautés, à ses plaisirs et à ses bienfaits. Toute sa galerie est un enchantement pour les yeux mais aussi pour l'âme. Des scènes souvent dépouillés, sobres ... qui illustrent parfaitement bien sérénité, solitude, "zénitude"pour employer ses mots. Gaétan possède cette qualité execptionnelle, et c'est rare, de mettre des images sur ces états, ces sensations. Brillant, talentueux, il possède de plus un sens de l'humour délicieux ...

    Gaétan, j'adore tout simplement ce que tu fais ... continue de nous faire planer encore longtemps ... on en veut ... encore :))



    Gaétan is a brilliant and very talented photographer ... he keeps amazing me with touching and poetry in his photos ... Have a look in his stream and you'll understand what I mean ... and ... Enjoy !"

    December 4th, 2007

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    Sarah .K says:

    "Imapix is a truly talented photographer and I always enjoy to look through his stream. I remember when I first saw it, and how surprised and impressed I got to see such nice pictures. He has a great ability to see pictures, compose them in a beautiful way and make colours and light form a synthesis."

    October 23rd, 2007

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    Jan_ice says:

    "Gaëtan… Found his site almost a year ago. Could not keep my mouth closed while viewing his site. Every image perfect in every way… Light, composition, impact, design, colour, creative, dramatic, the ART of seeing. It is easy to tell this is not a hobby, but a way of life and seeing, as if he sees, captures, and processes in one step. Like all excellence he makes it look so simple as absolutely nothing is out of place. Kind of like he comes home everyday and connects the computer to the side of his head and processes and downloads as the minds eye sees these wonderful images. Fantastic world and glad he shares his vision with us. I have learned much from him and know we share a love of nature and art. And he is one of my favorite Artists.
    I always look forward to his comments and support, which are valued and cherished! He is a master! And flirkr would not be the same without him! Thank you!"

    October 22nd, 2007

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    jacq77 says:

    " much to say in so little time and space.

    Gaetan is one of the classiest photographers I know. IA true inspiration and magician with a lens. His images will take you to another time and place and his colours will leave you breathless.

    As a person, Gaetan is friendly, funny and charming. A person I would love to meet!

    Thank you for sharing your fantastic world with us Gaetan and thank you for being aweinspiring!"

    September 30th, 2007

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    Ms Ladyred says:

    "Ansel Adams once said: “Photography, is a powerful medium of expression and communications, it offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution.”

    One needs only to view any one of the beautiful works of Imapix (Gaetan) to know the infinite variations of light, color and composition made possible by incredible creativity. I go to his Photostream often and I'm never disapointed by his work or his creative passion!

    Most importantly for me however is his constant encouragement! He is quite generous with his comments, he puts a smile on my face.

    He is my inspiration. Thank you for being my friend Gaetan."

    September 24th, 2007

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    Smoota says:

    "Gaetan is my personal little God of Flickr. So poetic, so perfect and seems to be so open-minded for all details in the world.

    That gives me always new ideas and power to learn more about photography!

    Thanks for these fantastic inspiration!"

    August 27th, 2007

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    CaptPiper says:

    "Imapix is one of the most consistantly amazing photographers on Flickr. His photos draw me in and show me what I'm striving for. His work inspires me to learn more, try harder, and expand my range of photos.
    Thanks, Imapix for your sharing your beautiful eye and talent with all of us on Flickr!"

    June 30th, 2007

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    Shootin' the breeze says:

    "Gaëtan is one of Flicrkr's true treasures. Not here for forwarding a photographic career, only interested, seemingly, in creating stunning images, and he delivers, in bucket loads.

    An eternal source of inspiration in his use of light and photoshop, he should be on commission for the money he must be bringing into Canada's tourism industry!

    And if that wasn't enough I've yet to meet a more giving, encouraging person in terms of photographic encouragement.

    Salut! Mon ami!"

    May 24th, 2007

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    3rd foundation says:

    "Soon after joining flickr last year, I became aware of Gaëtan's photography. Ever since, I've been astounded by the variety and quality of his imagery. He's got a bit of everything, from portraits and landscapes to still lifes and macros and every photo, without exception, is executed perfectly. He continues to be a source of inspiration in my photography and is always a required stop when I'm on flickr. Bravo!"

    April 20th, 2007

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    baby7 says:

    "he is one of my friend that he is Great person so friendly,
    very poetic, very sensitive and also very encouraging and positive in her support of others
    and he also his awesome photo stream.
    I am happy to be his friend too..
    Keep up the fabulous work

    April 4th, 2007

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    Jo Ann 315 says:

    "If you visit Gaetan's photostream for the first time you will be addicted to his photos. He is a brilliant photographer and teacher ;) I love his word of the day :)

    His compositions have always left me wanting more and each time he posts a new photo I am once again captivated bye the beauty.

    I am always so pleased and honored when Gaetan visits my photostream."

    March 4th, 2007

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    muha... says:

    "i cant describe his work... my vocubulary is not enough...
    from the firstday i saw his photo stream ... it forced me to change my daily routine... now instead of news paper i start with his everyday new image with PixQuote.."

    February 16th, 2007

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    Mei Todd says:


    everyone has said everything i want to say!!!!!

    okay...he is awesome. one of the best photographers i've seen.
    he is...AWESOME!


    January 24th, 2007

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    jaki good miller says:

    "Imapix (Gaetan) is one of my most treasured contacts....
    He is talented, positive, intelligent, witty, and first class.
    I view his photostream nearly every day.
    Gaetan has a rare and precious gift. He is "in sync" with nature - with beauty - and successfully interprets and captures it with his lens. When I view his splendid photography, I share in his passion and joy. His inspirational and creative work never fails to renew my sense of wonder.
    Besides having passion, creativity, and technical skill, my friend Gaetan has STYLE!!! Like works of Rembrandt or Degas or Ansel Adams, Gaetan has an unmistakable style! Even though he photographs a wide array of subjects, all of his images somehow seem to bear his imprint.
    In my opinion, Imapix elevates the status of flickr with every image he posts. Check out his marvelous work, and I am sure you will agree."

    January 16th, 2007

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    dsevilla says:

    "It's clear: sooner or later any person that enters Flickr will discover Gaëtan. Will stand looking at his photos with surprise and pleasure. Sustained quality over all his stream that makes reviewing it a pleasure. That happened to me. Since I saw his great landscapes (I love the snowed ones), macros and photography in general, I knew he was one of the best of Flickr...

    After more than a year looking at great Flickr photos, I still say the same: he is one of the best in Flickr!


    January 14th, 2007

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    ESOX LUCIUS says:

    "Constant quality in photography is a rare thing, which should not come as a surprise as the constant quality of life itself is a myth. Gaëtan however manages to show us a distinct and highly evolved international language of images that remain suprisingly stable in both quality, freshness and creativity. How does the man do it? This high-ranking Flickr personality and this friendly smiling fellow flyfisherman has become a benchmark all by himself and I count myself among his many enthusiastic admirerers, doing so eagerly and proudly. I'm glad I came to know Gaëtan from afar. Great close-up mon ami!"

    January 9th, 2007

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    David-Duchens says:

    "Nature is so beautiful through the magical Gaëtan's eye. Pure talent and great kindness also, we all just can be amazed with your images.
    Thanks a lot for all that Gaëtan!"

    October 26th, 2006

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    wildman66 says:

    "There are two things that have impressed me about Imapix.....his incredibly prolific talent and his willingness to embrace the work of others with sincere enthusiasm. How he finds the time to comment and fave so many is hard to fathom. He encourages and instills confidence with his sincere and warm remarks. He finds the magic in the light and color and paints pictures that take the breath away with their complexity and beauty. Some day, spend a few hours wandering through his photostream. It will astound you."

    October 21st, 2006

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    Philippe Sainte-Laudy says:

    "Gaëtan is a magician who juggles with forms and colors.
    Its sharpened eye can seize the imperceptible.
    It's an art, a gift, a know-how? I don't know, it is a little, all at the same time, but the result is there!
    I am proud to count him among my Flickr friends!

    Thanks for the inspiration."

    October 11th, 2006

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    guyscoop says:

    "An extra terrestrial of photography.

    Un extra terrestre de la photographie.
    BRAVO & merci"

    September 30th, 2006

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    nailbender says:

    "Gäetan......I think it has all been said. Everytime I try to write something profound about your work....I see that it has already been written. I suppose it is no wonder that you have this following, for all that view your work love it.... and all that know you, call you friend. I'm no exception Gäetan. You have inspired me not only with your beautiful images, but also with your kind words.
    You are a true gentle man and an exceptional artist.
    Thanks for all you do."

    September 17th, 2006

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    Nikographer [Jon] says:

    "I should have written a Testimonial for Imapix long ago (too).

    His eye, and ability to convey a moment, an interpretation, speaks volumes to the power of photography, and the photographer.

    Having read his "flickr interview" (see: ) I now know how much "photography" has been a part of his life, and surely only part of why he executes so well. Seeing some of his "original shot" and "posted shot" comparisons is revealing, but that is only a glimpse in to this artist's psyche.

    I've only got a few true inspirations, and Gaëtan is right up there for me with Nick Nichols (National Geographic) and Galen Rowell (former/deceased - National Geographic).

    ...Continued success and happiness, my friend. Keep sharing. Keep teaching (me and the world).

    If flickr had certain artists marked as "founding fathers", you'd be one in my book!"

    September 10th, 2006

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    Tex Flix says:

    "Imapix (Gaetan) Is one of the most talented photographers I have ever known. His images unfold and expose the world to the beauties of his country and to those countries that he visits. I find his photography so inspirational, that I find myself thinking of his work as I peer through my viewfinder. Each day I look forward to see what he will share with us next"

    July 21st, 2006

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    RSEanes says:

    "Gaëtan's photos always resonate with a certain part of my soul that longs to see the surreal in nature. Every picture he posts is a thing of beauty."

    July 14th, 2006

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    Kris Kros says:

    "When I was a kid, I never believed Superman. But now I am a true believer. He is inside the body of Imapix.

    You are a true artist and peope adore you, Imapix. Glad to be your friend. Just stay away from kryptonites."

    June 25th, 2006

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    boston_camera says:

    "The documentation of all things, both living and still life, is what photography is all about. But to make a photo memorable, it must have great composition, technical expertise, and a soulfulness that draws the viewer into the image. Imapix achieves all of this with the squint of his eye and the click of his shutter. His work is the embodiment of great photography."

    June 24th, 2006

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    Lida Rose says:

    "Since my involvement with Flickr for almost a year now, there have been a handful of photographers who have been benchmarks for me. Photographers who work is so excellent, so imaginative and so skillful, that it is a lesson and inspiration to see everyday. As with so many others who feel the same, Gaetan's work is among the very, very best.

    His combination of skill, composition, insight and inspiration are a hit every time. He seems to be an unusual man. A man of the forest and streams, and a man of sophisticated tastes, well traveled, and who reveals these passions in his photos.

    Thanks Gaetan. I will always be a fan."

    May 3rd, 2006

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    Reportergimmi says:

    "I have seen (in person) a lot of place that Imapix have in his flickr... But through his eyes all is better!
    Expecially ITALY!"

    May 2nd, 2006

  • view profile

    bleuet / Anne-Marie says:

    "Capturer la beauté, l’essence de ce que l’on photographie, c’est déjà un talent rare ; accomplir une œuvre d’art, c’est un don absolument exceptionnel.
    Les fées se sont penchées sur ton berceau, Gaëtan. Tu es un touche-à-tout de génie, le Léonard de Vinci de l’image !
    Ton sens de l’humour, ta gentillesse, ta courtoisie et ta simplicité sont remarquables .
    Souvent, j’aimerais flâner en ta compagnie sur les rives du lac de Mastigouche :-)

    Capturing the beauty, the essence of what you photograph, it’s really a rare talent; achieving a masterpiece, it’s an absolutely exceptional gift.
    The fairies lent over your cradle, Gaëtan. You are a genius Jack of all trades, the Léonardo da Vinci of the picture!
    Your sense of humour, your kindness, your courtesy and your simplicity are remarkable.
    I’d often like to stroll in your company on the Lake Mastigouche banks :-)"

    April 21st, 2006

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    Amelia PS says:

    "Pure "eye-candy"..."

    April 1st, 2006

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    neloqua says:

    "Imapix is a great photographer! I admire his creative eye characterized by originality and expressiveness! His photostream is ecletic: nature , wild life , flowers...He looks at the World through his camera lenses!
    It's always a pleasure visiting his amazing photos and also a honour be one of his Flickers friends!
    Keep on the amazing work , Imapix!"

    March 26th, 2006

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    Ed Karjala says:

    "Imapix's photostream is a "must-see" event for me every day. I have yet to be less than amazed with the work he presents here on a day by day basis. He seems adept with all styles of photography, and always ties his images into a thought or emotion that provides a tangible connection to the moment. On top of his talent, he is a friendly and supportive citizen of flickr (and planet earth in general). Thanks for the inspiration, sir!"

    March 17th, 2006

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    pearl grace says:

    "Imapix is a rare treasure. Not only does he take the most magnificent photos, but he always has kind, encouraging words for all.

    His photos encompass an entire spectrum of subjects; and whether in eye-catching, vivid colors or dramatic B & W, his photos are always mesmerizing, inspiring, spectacular. He has an extraordinary gift/talent for capturing mood and light, which i find completely captivating.

    I love to read his descriptions about his photos, especially when he makes notes about how the picture was taken, and I enjoy reading the various quotes he shares. I've learned a definition or two, and certainly, some French, too.

    Imapix's photostream is consistently fantastic and whenever i visit it, i can't help but ooohhhhh and ahhhhh over every single incredible photo.

    BRAVO Gaëtan! Thank you for being an incredible inspiration!"

    March 6th, 2006

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    paladinsf says:

    "imapix is the king of light and color. what a eye for great composition and topic selection. always a joy to see what new"

    March 2nd, 2006

  • view profile

    Skip Hansen says:

    "What can I say? The photographs speak for themselves...all thoughtful, colorful, well-conceived images...completely and totally unselfish in their effort to please the viewer. You won't find the narcissim so rampid with many of the flickr "favorites" here, imapix is a true photographer's photographer. He also is one who takes the time to recognize others and their work. Thanks for the encouragement.


    January 2nd, 2006

  • view profile

    Mylens* says:

    "Imapix is one the finest photographers in Flickr.
    His understanding of colors, textures, composition, lighting is very rare and it is natural for him.
    But, besides being a great photographer, imapix is a great Human Being.
    He is warm, he cares about people, he is always willing to help.
    And this is even more rare.
    I am proud to call him ami."

    December 31st, 2005

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    algo says:

    "It's difficult to find any more superlatives to describe imapix's wonderful photographs, in all their superb quality and amazing variety.
    He is simply one of the most creative and superb photographers on flickr."

    December 26th, 2005

  • view profile

    T Glow says:

    "Maintain the quality in passing of the time, it is not easy!
    Imapix.......... besides.......... it is creative!!!"

    December 13th, 2005

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    jcowboy says:

    "I have wanted to write a Testimonial for imapix for quite some time, but I'm always at a loss of words. How can I express in words what I feel while viewing his photos? In his recent photos he uses his images to define words such as Strength, Splendor, Mystère, Horizon, Carmine and others. Every time he clicks he far surpasses his goal of having one picture be more than 1,000 words!

    When you look at his sets you can be sure that any photo in any set is as good as the photos he uses to represent each set.

    His photos feature dynamic, brilliant colors from places in various parts of the world as well as his own homeland. Last night I was showing his photostream to a French-Canadian friend who remarked, " I never knew that Canada was so beautiful before".

    The vibrancy of life that radiates from his photos is found in his character as well. He gives so generously to others through his praise and faves as anyone who has been a recipient of one of his "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW"s can attest to. He has started (at last count) ten groups and welcomes all to showcase their best photos in those pools.

    In the U.S. today people are celebrating Thanksgiving Day. I thought that today would be a fitting day to give thanks to and pay tribute to my great flickr friend to the north of our border (although I now live in Japan).

    Thank you imapix and may you keep on clicking for many years to come!"

    November 24th, 2005

  • view profile

    CharlieBrown8989 says:

    "In the late 70's, I was looking at Canada's scenic pictures, because I thought of immigrating to this country, then.

    Now, I discover that there is on Flickr, a Canadian Nature Imaging Artist, who is sharing all these superb & great...great... masterpieces on his site.

    His images are very outstanding in 3 C's. Each time I visit his portfolio, it is with great enjoyment!

    Imapix photos conveys more than millions of words on Beauties of Nature!!""

    November 16th, 2005

  • view profile

    mimbrava says:

    "Just about every one of imapix's photos evokes an ooh or an ah. His sense of composition and color is outstanding. This exceptional photographer is also a treasured member of the Flickr community: He has created a bunch of wonderful -PIX pools and always takes time to explore others' photographs. When he compliments one of your own shots, you know you can be proud. Take a look at his photostream, and be awed by his great talent and skill."

    November 4th, 2005

  • view profile

    VickyTH says:

    "When you started "favoriting" every second picture a person takes, you start to realise just how exceptionally good a photographer they are. Imapix captures the most beautiful country in the world in a way that simply takes your breath away. His work is consistently amazing, moving, intricate, thoughtful, and evocative. His imagery of Quebec shows it to be a place of wonder."

    October 14th, 2005

  • view profile

    Shavar Ross says:

    "Imapix photographs landscapes in such a way that I've never seen before. They're colorful and spectacular and I don't believe I've ever seen a less than "amazing" picture from him. Keep up the great work and beautiful photographs."

    August 14th, 2005

  • view profile

    Victor Geere says:

    "Not only does imapix post great pictures, he never seem to post any bad pictures. That makes his photo stream unique. Even if I don't comment I always enjoy watching his pictures."

    August 6th, 2005

  • view profile

    redmann says:

    "To view this photostream is to see some incredible work. Here is a photographer who is a true artist. Every shot is a joy to behold!"

    June 27th, 2005

Gaëtan Bourque
May 2005
Berthierville, Canada
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