Working at SUSE, driving and promoting the Ceph Dashboard and openATTIC project.

Linux/MySQL/OSS Enthusiast since 1995. Worked at SuSE, MySQL AB, Sun Microsystems, Oracle and TeamDrive before.

Photos of Lenz Grimmer (11)

  • Lenz by jan_krutisch
  • Panel: Physical Computing by andré.luís
  • Lenz trying his Nuclear Taco! by andré.luís
  • Panel: To SQL or not to SQL by andré.luís
  • Panel: Filipe & Lenz by andré.luís
  • Codebits #53 - Tales from the Nuclear Kitchen #34 - Happy to suffer by David Ramalho
  • Codebits 2009 by datacharmer
  • Codebits 2009 by datacharmer
  • Codebits 2009 by datacharmer
  • Lenz Grimmer by Sebastian Bergmann
  • Lenz, (someone I don't know), and Iggy read by chadmiller

Lenz Grimmer's favorite photos from other Flickr members (5)

  • mosfet_level_shifters by linux-works
  • DIY: mosfet level shifters, 5v->3.3v by linux-works
  • Isolation by michael.heiss
  • Zeiss Ikon Voigtländer Vitessa 500 AE Electronic by John Kratz
  • All In a Row by Artful Magpie

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Lenz Grimmer
October 2005
Hamburg, Germany
I am:
Senior Product Manager at it-novum GmbH
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