An amateur photographer for over 20 years, and since October 2006 I've been shooting digitally.
I always get a "buzz" from photography; it's a great feeling to have a few spare moments and a camera in my hand with the freedom to view the world around me and enjoy my hobby.

autumn leaf hanging by a thread

Museum of Liverpool

The Louvre at night


Rainbow Stairs

tiny reflected worlds

Lady in red

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  • PETER by sweetriah
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    La ciudad visible (moving my residence to) says:

    "Peter is one of my favourite photographers on Flickr for many reasons, one being you never know what to expect... Wherever he goes, he brings great pictures to show.
    His fantastic eye for detail and color really shows through in a bright and artistic way, and I'm proud to call this amazing photographer a friend.
    He is so versatile and there is a certain joy and spirit in his work.
    Peter, keep up the great work, you are a true photographer"

    June 9th, 2009

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    bajo construccion (OFF/ RIELANA) says:

    "Well... how i could describe Peter´s stuff!
    He show us other way to look the world, every piece of world, he teach us how to look the beauty in every simple element, once and for all, he is a free spirit that show us the way to look, to look forward.

    Peter´s photostream on Flickr shows the world like it should be.
    Thanks, for show us your world, and teach us to look different"

    January 10th, 2009

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    *BabeLicious*giggle*is back says:

    "Peter...You are one of the few creative photographers who never forget to leave sweet comments..I love the way you capture thins.. I am looking forward to see more and more of your amazing work.
    *giggle* from Sweden"

    December 22nd, 2008

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    _ARSH_ says:

    "Peter has a good eye for photography. His photos are whimsical, inspiring and fun. I love visiting his stream cause there's always something creative and different.
    His style of photography is very unique and cool!
    Keep up the amazing work my friend."

    August 24th, 2008

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    Micartttt says:

    "I like his enthusiasm and his work is great........
    His capture that impress me most is call the ' Golden Light '
    You may check it out at this site;

    August 9th, 2008

Peter Funnell
March 2008
Bournemouth, Dorset
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