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Catholic New Media Awards
2011 and 2009 Nominee

The photography of Mr. Loci B. Lenar includes general subjects and images related to Christianity and Catholicism.

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Mr. Lenar's website and blog were both nominated for Catholic New Media Awards in 2011 and 2009.

Interested parties considering Mr. Lenar's photographs for publication, please feel free to contact him by email with your request.

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News of Interest:

Go! Sign: Christ in the Deaf Community:

Go! Sign: Christ in the Deaf Community

Two of Mr. Lenar's photographs are published in the Summer 2011 issue of "Go! Sign," a magazine that helps meet the individual spiritual and social needs of Deaf people. Go! Sign, is an Interdenominational Organization located in the UK. Stained glass windows were photographed in St. Jude Catholic Church and St. Virgil Catholic Church in NJ. The photographs are used for an article that explains the mystery of the Holy Trinity.

The Baptism of Jesus

The Lamb of God

For more information, visit the following link:


Signs of the Times - (Signes Des Temps)

Signs of the Times - (Signes Des Temps)

Signes Des Temps (Signs of the Times) is a school book compiled by Chantale Samuel and Charles Vendette and published in the French language. The learning guide was released in July 2011 by Les Editions CEC, a school book publisher in Anjou (Quebec) Canada.

The book is a social studies learning guide for grade 3 students entitled: Signes des Temps and is used as a student's book, teacher's guide and digital key. (ISBN # 978-2-7617-3358-8)

Saint Isaac Jogues

Mr. Lenar's photograph of a miniature stained glass window of Saint Isaac Jogues is published in the social studies book on page 133. The stained glass window is displayed inside of Saint Jude Catholic Church, 40 Maxim Drive, Hopatcong, New Jersey, USA.

To view the Saint Isaac Jogues stained glass window, please visit the following link:

For more information about the book, please visit the publisher at the following link:


2011 New Jersey Provincial Directory

2011 New Jersey Provincial Directory

Mr. Lenar's photograph of the Genealogy of Jesus is published on the front cover of the 2011 New Jersey Provincial Directory. The directory was released in March of 2011 and has listings for all six New Jersey Catholic Dioceses. The directory supplies useful information about NJ parishes and organizations. The directory is published by the Catholic Star Herald for the Diocese of Camden and has more than 440 pages.

The directory is available at the following link:

Genealogy of Jesus
Genealogy of Jesus

Link to the photograph:


A Peek Inside St. Virgil's: Photographer Captures the Beauty of Stained Glass

Angel of Heaven

Kathy Shaskan from wrote an article in October of 2010 about Mr. Lenar's photography titled "A Peek Inside St. Virgil's: Photographer Captures the Beauty of Stained Glass." The story can be read at the following link:


The Major Characters of the Bible - (Les grands personnage de la Bible)

The Major Characters of the Bible - The New Testament

Christian book publisher FPR Editions from Quebec, Canada, published Mr. Lenar's photograph of The Transfiguration of Jesus in a book released in 2010. "The Major Characters of the Bible" is printed in the French language (Les grands personnage de la) and is illustrated with artwork to complement stories of the bible (ISBN: 978-2-89499-108-4). The Transfiguration of Jesus is published on page 80.

The Transfiguration of Jesus

A larger image of the Transfiguration of Jesus can be seen on at the following link:

For additional information about FPR Editions and their books, please visit the following link:


In 2008 and 2009 the following press releases related to Mr. Lenar are published on Catholic Online:

Lenar's Website and Blog Nominated for Catholic New Media Awards

Revelation 20: Thousand-year Reign of God's Peace

Visitors to New Jersey Shrine Witness Miracle of the Sun

Fatima: Rays of God's Light

Morris County 9/11 Remembrance Service


In 2007, Hazel Street Productions released The Joy of Life Poetry Collection (ISBN 0-9786988-2-7). Two poems written by Mr. Lenar are published in the chapbook. Golfo de Mexico and September's Child are written as a tribute to his son and daughter.


Although Mr. Lenar has not engaged in promotional work for artists since 1992, he is recognized for arranging editorial articles and commissioned assignments on behalf of artists in the following noteworthy periodicals:

American Artist, January 1991,
(USPS 494-930)

Art Today, Summer 1987, and Winter 1987/1988,
(ISSN 0885-9361)

Art Gallery International, July/August 1987,
(ISSN 0884-8769)

Hearts Aflame, Summer 1992,
Article: "Reaching for Eternity with God's Love" by L.B. Lenar
Published by The Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima, Washington, NJ
(ISSN 0893-536X) and (USPS 003-636)

Locus, April 1991,

Omni, December 1990,
(ISSN 0149-8711)

Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone Magazine, August 1987,
(ISSN 0279-6090)

Mr. Lenar established himself as an artist representative for publishing art portfolios - noted within "Success Stories: Selling Romantic Paintings" - featuring the works of Jeffrey Jones in the January 1991 issue of American Artist.

During the 1980s, Lenar exhibited the art of Jeffrey Jones at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art in Dover, New Jersey, and prearranged with artists the consignment and sale of works through established galleries including Illustration House of New York City.


For other interesting information, please visit the following links:

To view Miracles of Faith photo stream, please visit the following link:

To read Mr. Lenar's inspirational story of "Miracle of the Sun: A Gift and Testimony of a Spiritual Phenomenon," please visit the following link:

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