German photographer specialized in adventure and nature photography.

His current series “The Race of Gentlemen” documents the daredevil racing at the beach from Wildwood, New Jersey. In addition to numerous exhibitions, Huwe’s work has appeared in Lifestyle and Automagazine like the Автопилот (Autopilot) magazine from Moskow.

For his documentary work, Huwe travels around the globe to remote spots including the Atacama desert in Chile, Greenland to craft a portrait of the indigenous Inuit people or a several week-long expedition to Antarctica. Huwe still prefers to use analog photography for his work.

In addition to various galleries, Huwe has a large customer base, including Burger King USA, which has used his photos in their ad campaigns.

If you are a non profit or a new organization and would like to use my photos under a creative commons non-commercial attribution license, you are welcome. Please let me know if you want to use my photo and credit my photo as follows "Photo by Johannes Huwe @johanneshuwe". Thank you.


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  • Waiting for Northern Lights by Johannes Huwe
  • self portrait by Johannes Huwe
  • Crashed plane by Johannes Huwe
  • Iceland roadtrip by Johannes Huwe

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June 2006
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