A Pisces born in '75, a bit of a fish out of water. =]


Currently living in beautiful Perth, Western Australia after leaving Johannesburg in 1988, a sacrifice my parents made so their children could have a positive future without apartheid and oppression.


When I'm not involved in freelance design work for print or the internet, I'm listening to house music too loud, dancing too hard, having the time of my life with good friends, trying to build something new out of Lego or passing the time and laughing out loud with my beautiful wife, Emma.


I recently became a father and look forward to the day when I can build with my son.


I am a huge fan of toys (remote control and LEGO especially) and am a mad keen sci-fi fan and love animated feature films.


My flickr account is mainly for my LEGO creations, but you might catch the odd project, family photo or random moment caught in time.


legovaughan. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr


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Kazukiyo says:

A great mecha builder and all around good builder. I used to be a HUGE fan of his when I first started LEGO mecha a bit less than a year ago. And I still am a big fan! That just goes to show that his talent is timeless!

July 29, 2009

Man, this guy have so many great ideas, he definitely gave me many ideas, it's just brilliant, he is very funny to :D

April 9, 2009
Tim Ltd says:

When you vist his page, prepare yourself to be impressed, suprised and in total awe. A brilliant builder

December 10, 2007