Leeks & Bounds is located on Moor Farm in North Hampton, New Hampshire, less than five miles from the seacoast. We have complementary degrees from the University of New Hampshire in Horticulture and Environmental Conservation, and we have both acquired a passion for growing food in our often challenging climate. Without the financial resources to purchase land in the seacoast area, we were fortunate to meet a landowner who wanted to teach us how to become proper stewards of the land while producing an assortment of vegetables for the community through the formation of a CSA.


Our Pledge


We believe that healthy food is a right for all. The goal on our farm, is to produce high quality, healthful food for the neighboring community without harming the environment in which we all live. Since we will not obtain “Certified Organic” status, we hope to show that this label is not necessary for one to grow safe, nutritious food. By promoting ecologically-based practices on our farm, we aim to demonstrate several ways that this can be achieved.


We disagree with the practice of clinical genetic modification, and will not knowingly choose to grow seeds that were created in this fashion. To this end, we will not use synthetic pesticides on any of the crops we grow, and will plant only seeds which are certified organic or those that have not been chemically treated.


We wish to emphasize our commitment to the land and the community through responsible stewardship, by fulfilling our obligation to provide each CSA member with top-quality produce. By continually enhancing the biological productivity of the soil, we will be better able to grow nutritious food for many years to come.

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