An entrepreneur and executive, Lee Hnetinka aims to change the world of online retail by offering same-day delivery service on every retail website. Lee Hnetinka is the cofounder of Darkstore, a delivery fulfillment platform that allows ecommerce brands to offer same-day and on-demand delivery at affordable prices. Orders are automatically routed to the fulfillment center that offers the lowest delivery rate, and Darkstore does not add extra fees for packing materials, storage, or excess weight and size. The company charges the historically low rate of 3 percent of each item’s retail price, with a minimum of $2 and a maximum of $20, and offers discounted volume pricing.

Committed to making ecommerce more convenient for customers, Lee Hnetinka and Darkstore operate fulfillment centers strategically located in San Francisco, New York, and Phoenix. Prior to founding Darkstore, Hnetinka served as chief executive officer of the one-hour delivery app WunWun, which he cofounded. He holds a bachelor of science in marketing from the University of Buffalo.

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Lee Hnetinka
October 2016
San Francisco
San Francisco, United States
I am:
CEO of Darkstore
Lee Hnetinka | Lee Hnetinka