'I spent a happy few hours looking at your images on Flickr. I was most impressed.. in fact VERY impressed. I love your style, your control, the quality, vibrance, processing, the reflections, colours, patterns that many people don’t even notice … everything, in fact … it’s like a very good book you can’t put down. Thanks for sharing!'

Mike Ford www.fabpictures.com


'You have such an eye for the extraordinary, Bryan. I truly mean this. You are a cut above the rest of us'. Willem


'When ever I get too full of myself I go to Bryan Ledgard's Flickr pages to quickly discern the difference between myself and a photographer. He is so good I may have to kill him.'

Colonel Blink


'Wonderful photography...capturing those quirky moments quite brilliantly!' Sue Llewellyn, Creative Director, New York.


'OMG what absolutely stunning photos ... Bryan is a visual genius!' Janet Manning


'All the pics are great! Much appreciated, will certainly keep you on our books for future events' Professor Vanessa Toulmin, National Fairground Archive


'I've been coming to goth fest for six years and this is my favourite photo I've ever had taken there, thank you very much!!' Megan Watts


Art college in the sixties, London's Fleet Street in the seventies. Worked as designer, illustrator, newspaper artist, ad agency visualiser, journalist and commercial photographer. Formed a design agency in the eighties which expanded from Yorkshire to New York in the nineties. Now retired but still an obsessive street snapper.


Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing any of my photographs. If you just like the work and wanted to link to it - let me know, it is nice to know which photos are linked and for what reasons. You can happily make me friends or contacts, put my pictures in your favourites with no problems, but if I find you have either no pictures of your own and your favourites contain offensive material I will instantly block you.

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