I run a Sydney Cupcake business specialising in highly decorated, pretty, unique & original cupcakes, using fresh top quality ingredients. All my cakes are baked from scratch BY me, using fresh real ingredients, real farm eggs, top quality belgium chocolate, etc etc & taste as good as they look :)

My business was originally started with the aim to be original, & also to be at the forefront of cupcake style & design worldwide, & I am proud to have achieved that now. I am also proud to be, on Flickr, the original creator of fondant decorated cupcakes, embossed cupcakes, custom tiered cupcake stands & other styles & designs on here. I'm so happy to see how far cupcakes have come from the days of buttercream & sprinkles, & It's great to see everyone now embracing these styles & designs....& to see where it has & is taking them! From the styles, the designs, the creativeness, the way they are now photographed properly & ability to "think outside the box" it has been a wonderful journey to watch, & to see such talent emerge on these groups. The changes are great & we have come along way since the first Flickr cupcake groups began........

Now sadly the down side......I have been on flickr for a few years now & have had a great time & made many friends, but unfortunately where there's happiness, there seems to be people who delight in causing trouble, spreading rumours & outright lies! There's been some sad things happening on these groups......so please be wary & don't believe everything you are told. Make your own judgements wisely. There has been alot of bullying, lies & defamation going on, & I find it sad that STILL more and more people are taking part in it all......or at least believing it. Appearances can be deceiving, especially on the internet.....so please don't buy into it, don't join in ......don't compromise your morals. As women, as other cupcake/cake businesses, help each other rather than spending your energy joining in & bringing others down, or biting the hand that feeds you........stand up to them rather than being scared of them.....it's only the internet after all. I think it's time people behaved decently & stopped degrading the cake community of which we are all apart of.
Therefore, any bad posts are now automatically deleted in order to stem all of this, & please keep your grievences with other flickr members private & address them privately.

Finally, when I joined Flickr the cake groups were small with only so many members. Now they have grown into the thousands, so I apologise if I don't get around to making you a return contact as there are just too many people now. I try to answer all the flickrmails I receive but I do receive loads so please forgive me if I don't get to you as due to the growth of Flickr, & having a business I haven't time any longer to answer them all. So please understand if I don't flickrmail you back, & rather than getting angry with me & joining in with the bullying........please understand I can't answer them all anymore.....

So, sad I have to add negativity to my profile but it is due to what's been happening on these cake groups for awhile now & is unfortunate. So please ignore the rubbish & any nastiness...& remember....just because someone may appear sweet & lovely on here.....doesn't mean they are!

(PS.....for purposes of late.... my original cupcake designs are copyright....as are ALL my photographs. Please don't use my photographs without permission......it is illegal, they are NOT free! And if you copy my cupcakes or other items, would it really hurt to give a little credit?....)

Thanks :)

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    Sugarbloom Bev says:

    "A busy girl is our Kylie, yet she always manages to find the time to help me out with any questions I have about our art and our industry.
    Her experience, artistry and congeniality have given the her reputation as the finest cupcake producer in Australia.
    Her amazing quality of work is that which I aspire to create. I only hope that in the future when I am as busy as Kylie, I can remain as good a mum, be creatively focused and still find time for my friends too!
    It's lovely to know her and be inspired by her, thanks Kylie.

    October 30th, 2008

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    gaudy volleyball says:

    "Kylie and I have "met" through several forums and a few emails. This is the Queen Royal of cupcakes, not that her cakes aren't perfect as well, but there is never a time I don't see her cupcakes and think they look like pieces of art."

    July 7th, 2008

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    {zalita} says:

    "i have been meaning to write this for a long long time but every1 else has said it so well and all these amazing cake decorators have had their say :) i don't know if i am worthy of adding my two cents as i'm not a professional cake decorator!!!
    i still remember the day i stumbled across kylies cupcakes doing some research for a cupcake painting and voilà i fell in love...
    kylie has been the sweetest, most helpful person guiding and encouraging us newbies in the cupcake world. She has Wowed us every time she posts a new pic and we wait in anticipation for her next gorgeous creation!! she has generously allowed us to copy her styles and for that i cant thank her enough!!! kylie thank u for being the most amazing cupcake and cake decorator and friend!!

    iv noticed many horrid people on flickr constantly putting kylie down accusing her of stuff she never did or say, i stand testimony that kylie is the sweetest and MOST HELPFUL person on flickr!!! so kylie chins up and carry on being the wonderful creative darling friend that u are:) *hugs*"

    June 9th, 2008

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    Cups 'n' Cakes by Hanita says:

    "This testimonial is long overdue...(blame it on the procastinator in me) Kylie, to me, is a true inspirator, a trend-setter, her dedication to her work is immeasurable as one can see how she'd excuted her work in a concientious and meticulous manner and with absolute perfection! A gem in the Land of Down Under. I'm a fan through and through. Sincerely yours, Hanita"

    April 5th, 2008

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    Cupcake Fantasies says:

    "I started researching on cupcakes when I had difficulties constructing my kids' birthday cakes two years ago and I chanced upon flickr. Then of course, Kylie's cupcakes designs had me blown away. It was a journey of no return, I fell in love with hers immediately.

    Her design are really special and with class. It reflects great talent behind each cupcakes she made.

    Being a newbie and an unpro, Kylie was a great motivator as well as advisor. She is generous with her knowledge even though I am a complete stranger to her then.

    Thanks Kylie for this friendship and wishing you many success for your cupcake business.

    Love Edith"

    October 7th, 2007

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    economic quiver says:

    "I should have written this testimonial 12 months ago..

    When I first browsed thru flickr one thing stood out.....Kylie's cupcakes. I never imagined a cupcake could look so incredible! I was astounded by Kylie's talent and she is the reason I joined flickr and started making cupcakes. She is incredibly inspiring....I can only begin to imagine the amount of people on flickr that have created a design after being inspired by Kylie. Her designs are amazing and original...almost as if she knows something the rest of us don't! Kylie has been an incredible inspiration to me and I can't begin to tell you how helpful she has always been. I sent her an email as a newbie, asking for help and couldn't believe it when she answered! Kylie has always been there to guide me and answer my questions. She has also become a very good friend who is always there for me. She has revolutionized the embossed fondant cupcakes and I think most people on flickr could safely say that they could pick a Kylie design a mile away! Her style is that distinctive.... Kylie is the Cupcake Queen!"

    September 27th, 2007

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    Lisa Kettell says:

    """Kylie is an amazing artist with incredible talent and creativity! Her sweet confectionary creations are outstanding! The most enchanting and beautiful I have ever seen. They stand way above the rest in their own royal class. I can spot a Kylie Confection a mile away. I want to personally thank you for being an artist of the week at The Faerie Zine! Magic and Joy! P.S. Please continue creating these scrumptious delights!"""

    September 19th, 2007

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    PinkCakeBox says:

    "One of the most talented cupcake artists I've come across."

    August 4th, 2007

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    mandotts says:

    "Man it's hard to follow debbiedoescakes and trishthecupcakemomma.... But I want to give one. When I joined flickr, the talented Kylie was the first cake artist to find me (as I didn't know how to find people or even what flickr had to offer). I was in awww when I saw her creations and what she had done on the cupcake front. I had always thought of cupcakes as quick and easy treats with spackled on icing. Good to eat but not that classy. But when I saw Kylie's cupcakes, I discovered how elegant and artistic a cupcake could be. I just wanted to say THANK YOU KYLIE for sharing your creative talent with us and inspiring us to grow in the world of cupcakes!"

    July 17th, 2007

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    CupcakeMomma SG says:

    "Kylie's creations are da bomb! Not only are they originals, they are truly works of art. There are very few cupcake makers which I can consider as artists and Kylie is one of them."

    February 23rd, 2007

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    debbiedoescakes says:

    "Cupcakes have come a long way since Mom slathered icing on treats for our school parties. There's a real movement now to elevate cupcakes into chic and elegant mini cakes and Kylie is at the forefront of this revolution. Her work is flawless and her presentation skills are spot on, lucky aussies!!"

    January 25th, 2007

Kylie Lambert
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Clovelly, NSW.
Sydney, Australia
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